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KRONE MegaLiner 2017 v2.0 by Sogard3 [1.33.x]

Author: Tacsi68, Views: 26, Date: 6-12-2018, 10:50
  • KRONE MegaLiner 2017 v2.0 by Sogard3 [1.33.x]
  • Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 / ETS 2 trailers
  • Authors: Sogard3
  • Tested version: 1.33.x
  • Description about KRONE MegaLiner 2017 v2.0 by Sogard3 [1.33.x]:
    Trailer KRONE MegaLiner 2017 v2.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game. 

    *This is the Krone MegaLiner 2017 Addon for Krone DLC 

    New changelog 2.0:
    -Fixed advanced coupling (Thanks to ValheinXL).
    -Added HCT (Dolly will be improved in next updates) 3+2+3 axles, 
    3+2 axles(Trailer and dolly without second trailer) and 3+2+2 axles.
    -Added paintable mudflaps (Template included inside zip file), accessory lines for paintjobs:
    acc_list[]: "r_mudflap.mud01lmp2"     
    acc_list[]: "r_mudflap.mud01lmp"     
    acc_list[]: "r_mudflap.mud01lp" 

    and for texture options: "vehicle/trailer_owned/upgrade/r_mudflap/krone_megaliner/textures/" 

    Changelog 1.9:
    -Adapted Ritex Skins for Load Carrier.
    -Added compatibility for 1.33 Open Beta.
    -Fixed other bugs. 

    Changelog 1.8:
    -Added doubles! (Only Load Carrier in this version).
    -Fixed some bugs in dealer.
    -Added skins.
    -Added skins for double(MegaLiner Multos + Load Carrier, LIT and LANG-LKW).  

    Changelog 1.7:
    -Added 3 mudflaps.
    -Added more skins.
    Changelog 1.6:
    -Separated skins from the trailer(Link in downloads section).
    -Minor changes on some skins.
    -Added skins.
    -Added double Spanish and UK square number plates.
    -Now the stickers have more brightness.

    Changelog 1.5:
    -Fixed OpenGL issues.
    -Added more skins!

    Changelog 1.4:
    -Added Multos body.
    -Added ADR plates.
    -Added Oval stickers.
    -Added long mudflaps.
    -Added closed/open hole for crane in fenders(Only 3 axle chassis).
    -New template with correct proportions(Psd, png and dds inside zip file).
    -Added more skins.
    -SCS skins removed(They dont fit anymore with the new template).

    Changelog 1.3:
    -Fixed hook position(Only owned).
    -Adjusted brightness on skin nr plate(Credits to Donovan)
    -Fixed the lightmask for taillights.

    Changelog 1.2:
    -Added more tuning options.-Added more sideskirts/boxes.
    -Added reflective stripes/banners.
    -Added more bumpers(Also for ProfiLiner but only with SCS plates).
    -Added skins(Special thanks to R3AP3R, smyro & schwedentrucker_09)
    -Added stickers with "Mega Liner" and TUV NORD certificates.
    -Fixed rear mudflaps visual conflict.-Fixed bugs. 

    Changelog version 1.1:
    -Started from 0 and reworked with DLC parts.
    -Added more bumpers.-Added 1axle chassis.
    -Removed reflective stripes(Will be added back in next update).
    -Added more boxes and sideskirts.-Changed template.
    -Removed the smyro paintjobs(Will be added back in next update).

    Changelog version 1.0:
    -Purchasable and job market working.
    -2 versions: 3 and 2 axle.
    -Custom parts.
    -3 Number plates(SCS plate, from skin and from texture).
    -2 side reflective stripes(Yellow and white).
    -2 rear reflective stripe(Red and yellow).
    -1 rear reflective banner.
    -2 types of rear boxes.
    -2 types of front boxes(Only 1 for 2 axle version).
    -Saf wheels from abasstreppas with 3 hubs(Red, black and grey).
    -Custom paintjobs(4 colors). 


    If something its not working contact me but it was tested in a clean profile 1.33.x 

    KNOWN BUGS IN v2.0:
    -Braces animation are making visual conflict (I dont know how to fix it). 

    KNOWN BUGS IN v1.9:-Same as v1.2

    KNOWN BUGS IN v1.8:-Same as v1.2

    KNOWN BUGS IN v1.7:-Same as v1.2

    KNOWN BUGS IN v1.6:-Same as v1.2
    KNOWN BUGS IN v1.5:-Same as v1.2

    KNOWN BUGS IN v1.4:-Same as v1.2 

    KNOWN BUGS IN v1.3:-Same as v1.2 

    KNOWN BUGS IN v1.2:
    -Advanced coupling not working.
    -Braces animation are making visual conflict(I dont know how to fix it).

    KNOWN BUGS IN v1.1:
    -Advanced coupling not working(I will try to fix it).
    -Braces animation are making visual conflict(I dont know how to fix it).
    -Rear mudflaps are making visual conflict(Will be fixed).

    Skins by me and others (Updated for v2.0) : DOWNLOAD
    Skins by DaviD_SRB: DOWNLOAD
    Skins by Alexandru_Andrey: DOWNLOAD

    ValheinXL (Fixed advanced coupling). 
    Abasstreppas (Wheels).
    Axelrol (License plate mode,flares & round taillights).
    SCS (Base model from Profiliner DLC).
    Smyro (Skins).
    R3AP3R (Skins).
    schwedentrucker_09 (Skins).
    vad&k (Manifest file).
    Donovan (Adjusted brightness on skin number plates, Skins).
    ReyhanRamadhan (Skins).
    CARL1992 and Eugene (Fix for OpenGL) .
    DaviD_SRB (Skins).
    Niepa (Skins).
    Adelin (Skins).
    Hakan (Skins).
    Alexandru_Andrey (Skins). 
    My cousin (Sticker texture and company logos).
    Screenshots Mod
    KRONE MegaLiner 2017 v2.0 by Sogard3 [1.33.x] KRONE MegaLiner 2017 v2.0 by Sogard3 [1.33.x] KRONE MegaLiner 2017 v2.0 by Sogard3 [1.33.x]
    Gameplay / Videos:

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