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Real Traffic Density and Ratio 1.32.b by Cip for Ats

Author: Tacsi68, Views: 118, Date: 21-09-2018, 07:00
  • Real Traffic Density and Ratio 1.32.b by Cip for Ats
  • Game: American Truck Simulator / ATS Other Mods
  • Authors: Cipinho
  • Tested version: 1.32.x
  • Description about Real Traffic Density and Ratio 1.32.b by Cip for Ats:
    Real Traffic Density and Ratio v1.32 beta for American Truck Simulator game

    - it was designed to create a realistic traffic density taking advantages from the
    latest traffic system implemented by SCS starting in game version 1.29
    - with this mod, ATS receives a personalized density and ratio set at default g_traffic 1. it takes into
    account all game features from 1.29: spawn and ratio by daytime, type of roads, city size, density and
    ratio being set according to the game time scale
    - thanks to SCS I was now able to set for example more cars and buses in cities and
    more trucks on freeways, or more cars at rush hours 
    - the semaphore profile contain two little modifications, allowing more green time at road
    works semaphores and globally 3 seconds on yellow instead of 2 (from green to red)
    - since traffic is much more dense, more car colors were needed to avoid having the same
    few SCS colors. to modify the existent colors check this topic viewtopic.php?f=177&t=246123&hilit=car+colors

    New changelog v1.32.b:
    - slightly adjusted traffic density 
    - removed separate deceleration values which seem to cause more accidents at crossroads
    - added support for new types of vehicles: motorcycles, classic and sport cars (no effect if you don't use these mods).
    in order to use these vehicles as separate types of vehicles you need to open each pack and rename
    the sii file from def/vehicle folder by replacing the word car with classic, or sport or moto, according
    with the type of vehicles from that pack (example: traffic_storage_car.jazzycat_classic.sii will become 
    - increased speed limits for sport cars and motorcycles (only if used as separate types of vehicles)

    Changelog v1.32.a:
    - adaptation to 1.32 open
    - few Ai trucks will drive without a trailer
    - harvester will no longer spawn on main roads, only on default no_vehicles roads
    - added different deceleration values for each type of vehicles (by Alin Todor)

    Known issues not related to my mod:
    - Ai vehicles wait excessively long to merge on motorways
    - Ai vehicles start overtaking slowly instead of accelerating faster which reduces
    the chances of success (may have been solved in 1.32)

    How to use:
    - place my mod above any other traffic mods in the load order.
    - Always use the default g_traffic 1 value in game console. 
    Increasing g_traffic mightruin all settings in my mod because it increases the numbers with irregular ratio 
    - because game is having only 2 buses, due to high density, you may see many buses especially in cities,
    you may consider to use a bus mod, as an example jazzycat has a mod that brings 5 more buses (works in 1.29) 
    - mod working only in 1.32 (for older game versions check on the bottom of this page)  
    Screenshots Mod
    Real Traffic Density and Ratio 1.32.b by Cip for Ats

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