Route Russian Land v4.0 for Train Simulator 2015

Route Russian Land v4.0 for Train Simulator 2015
TS 2017
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24 June 2015
Version - Train Simulator 2015
Credits: - -=Communist=-
Description about Route Russian Land v4.0 for Train Simulator 2015:

Russian Earth v4 route for Train Simulator 2015
A new mod for the popular game RailWorks Trainz Simulator. This simulator will provide you with the opportunity to train virtually work as Locomotive. New maps, scenarios, and the ability to download to Train Simulator Russian trains make the game more interesting. Excellent Russian card game length of 40 kilometers.

Installation: Unzip to the root of the game.



Route Russian Land v4.0 for Train Simulator 2015 Route Russian Land v4.0 for Train Simulator 2015 Route Russian Land v4.0 for Train Simulator 2015

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  1. john applebee
    3 December 2016 01:02
    you need a better description for installation other than "unzip to the root of the game" it's not descriptive enough and i have no idea how to install it, and now i have the game in 12 different sections of my railworks folder and it's still not working.
    1. admin
      3 December 2016 11:29
      This is the procedure for installing a .RWP file you downloaded into Train Simulator 2015

      1. Download the RWP file and save it in a secure place on your hard disk – just in case you might have to reinstall the route at a later time.

      (NOTE: If it is in an archive file, .ZIP or .RAR or .7z, you must extract it first, do not try to install it from the archive file.)

      2. Now install the RWP file with Train Simulator's Package Manager. To access that tool, launch utilities.exe in the main Train Simulator installation folder.

      3. Note: You can find utilities.exe by right clicking on the Train Simulator 2015 title in your Steam Library, selecting Properties, and then clicking the “Browse Local Content” button on the “Local Files” tab.

      4. Once the Utilities are running, go to the Package Manager Tab, click the Install button, browse to the file from step one, click Open. The package will be installed now, after which you can run your new download in the game!

      This mod was tested by me on Train Simulator 2015, but i don't remember how to install now. Try to install using program utilities.exe from to root of the game or just copy after you unpack to the folder from your game Content - Routes.
      Good luck!
      1. RandomName
        17 July 2018 16:15
        I don´t get a rwp-file after opening the archive-file I´ve downloaded. Can you help me?
  2. RandomName
    17 July 2018 16:12
    I can´t insall the route. When I try to open the archive-file lots of folder are in there but no rwp-file. Can anyone help me?
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