Passengers Wagons Bdmpee for TS 2015

Passengers Wagons Bdmpee for TS 2015
TS 2017
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17 December 2015

Description about Passengers Wagons Bdmpee for TS 2015:

Bmee series passenger cars were manufactured in the late 80s and 90s. Thanks to the modernization acquire a new look and new label Bdmpee. The car's new minivan, with 80 seats. New floors, paneling, windows, lighting, completely rebuilt toilets. Travel also enjoy the new comfortable seats. There are also power outlet for laptops and other small electronics. The car is air-conditioned and in the same boarding area is a place to store bicycles. The doors are controlled by buttons with an electro-drive and during the ride safety interlocks. The cars are equipped with electronic information and reservation systems. Reconstruction has also affected the technical equipment of vehicles, when the newly installed all electrical equipment, including lighting and underwent a fundamental change of chassis and braking system. The vehicles are designed for trains of higher quality.


Model posing reconstructed performance cars in the final version of the corporate coat. The actual cars are included in the EC trains or trains generally higher quality. Big thanks Viaxernovi for perfect documentation, information processing textures and artwork. The model has implemented LODs and animated door. Expand the installation package by using the Package Manager, expand into play. Acknowledgements This model would never have arisen without my friends - without their helpful advice and without their support I could not do it. I thank my wife, Alice, and sons Luke, Tonouškovi and Fanánek who have patience with my hobby and my utmost support so far.




Authors 3D modelu: Pikku, Roman

Textures authors: Viaxern, Milda Hůrka

Sounds: Jacek

Passengers Wagons Bdmpee for TS 2015 Passengers Wagons Bdmpee for TS 2015

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