Wagons Russian Flatcars 13-401 v1.0 for TS 2016

Description about Wagons Russian Flatcars 13-401 v1.0 for TS 2016:

Wagons Russian Flatcars 13-401 v1.0 for Train Simulator 2016 game.


Fashion popular game RailWorks. Freight wagons platform for games of excellent quality. The pack includes:
1. Platform with sides removed, loads:
1.1. Red container 40 feet
1.2. White container 40 feet
1.3. Blue green 20 feet and 20 feet

2. The platform with raised sides, loads:
2.1. Sand
2.2. crushed stone
2.3. wheelsets

3. Platform with lowered or partly lowered sides, loads:
3.1. wheel Loader
3.2. tipper
3.3. rails
3.4. Concrete slabs option 1
3.5. Concrete slabs option 2


How to set the fashion in the Train Simulator: for RailWorks add-ons are installed using the built-in Utilites Add-ons Manager, located in the root folder of the game.
Press the large Install button (SET) which is to the right, and specify a location or rpk rwp-archive.
If the file is not packed in such a file, then copy the Assets folder to the root of the game and confirm the replacement.



Andrei Belousov aka BooYa
Anton Chernikov aka tonn12
Alexander Sharshatkin aka Sharsh
Artyom Pogrebnoy aka Kazus
Konstantin Chvilev aka radiomaster
Artem Petrov aka dison202
Andrei Podlesny aka Mr. Angelo


скачать dle 12.0
Wagons Russian Flatcars 13-401 v1.0 for TS 2016 Wagons Russian Flatcars 13-401 v1.0 for TS 2016

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