TDT-55 (ТДТ-55) v1.0 (v03.03.16) for Spin Tires 2014

TDT-55 (ТДТ-55) v1.0 (v03.03.16) for Spin Tires 2014
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10 May 2017
Version - v03.03.16
Description about TDT-55 (ТДТ-55) v1.0 (v03.03.16) for Spin Tires 2014:

TDT-55 (ТДТ-55) v1.0 (v03.03.16) for Spin Tires 2014 game.


Info about the mod:
A great addition added to the game Spintires is TDT-55 (ТДТ-55) for 03/03/16 game version, which can be downloaded for free and without registration. You can also see other fashion from the category Trucks for Spintires or go to the main section Spintires games.


- have 4 addons + default addons
- frames
- The view from the cabin
- nothing replaces
- the model has animation parts
- model gets dirty
- the model has own wheels
- the model has own sound
- the model has own configuration
- working lights
- present the driver
- present all-wheel drive
- present own load
- model far away looks like up close
- Improved movement of caterpillars;
- Added two new add-ons;
- added a new animation
- changed the angle of the cargo;
- slightly reduced weight;
- improved some textures.
Move files from the archive at C: Program Files (x86) / Steam / SteamApps / common / Spintires / Media, agreed to a replacement.
Tested on game version v03.03.16
Screens / Videos
TDT-55 (ТДТ-55) v1.0 (v03.03.16) for Spin Tires 2014 TDT-55 (ТДТ-55) v1.0 (v03.03.16) for Spin Tires 2014 TDT-55 (ТДТ-55) v1.0 (v03.03.16) for Spin Tires 2014

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