Kamchatka Map (Камчатка) v1.0 (v03.03.16) for Spin Tires 2014

Kamchatka Map (Камчатка) v1.0 (v03.03.16) for Spin Tires 2014
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6 February 2017
Version - v03.03.16
Description about Kamchatka Map (Камчатка) v1.0 (v03.03.16) for Spin Tires 2014:

Kamchatka Map (Камчатка) v1.0 (v03.03.16) for Spin Tires 2014 game.


Info about the mod:
A great addition added to the game Spintires is Kamchatka Map (Камчатка) for 03/03/16 game version, which can be downloaded for free and without registration. You can also see other fashion from the category Trucks for Spintires or go to the main section Spintires games.
Far North. Kamchatka Krai. Minus fifty Celsius. Snowstorm. A small tourist village. And you are running a conventional driver and (which is not the first time) - carry any timber. As you now cope with working in heavy taiga conditions? - It depends on you and on the length of the winch
So, we have a new:
New winter trees (yet never been used on the cards), new objects, the landscape created by the real terrain map!
Amazing, fantastic winter atmosphere, curl blizzard.
The ability to virtually everywhere, "cut" and cut the route.
There are very hardcore places, and I have to add: whiners and psychopaths do not belong here.


On the map:

3 sawmill
1 felling
1 loading point
1 refill
1 garage (open).
3 intelligence points
Transport open exchange:
Private, non-replaceable:

Move files from the archive at C: Program Files (x86) / Steam / SteamApps / common / Spintires / Media, agreed to a replacement.


Tested on game version v03.03.16


скачать dle 12.0
Kamchatka Map (Камчатка) v1.0 (v03.03.16) for Spin Tires 2014 Kamchatka Map (Камчатка) v1.0 (v03.03.16) for Spin Tires 2014 Kamchatka Map (Камчатка) v1.0 (v03.03.16) for Spin Tires 2014

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