Presenting: The BUS (Bus Simulator)

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Presenting: The BUS (Bus Simulator)
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Until now, you might have heard about this game under the name "Project: CBS_Berlin". This is our current major project of a city bus simulation game with an interactive multiplayer system. Today, we want to give you an overview of the included features. We've prepared a video live from Gamescom 2017 in Cologne with a few in game shots. Please note that this video is in German though. Subtitles will be added shortly after Gamescom.



  • Scania Citywide LF 18M (BVG GN16)
    - Articulated bus
    - Passengers walking in and out of the bus
    - Interactive ticket sale
    - Automatic gear box
    - Monitor to switch between several surveillance cameras in the bus
    - Repaints possible
  • More busses planned as DLCs, including MAN and VDL models.
  • Several bus lines included:
    - Line TXL: Flughafen Tegel - S+U Alexanderplatz/Memhardstr.
    - Line 100: Hertzallee (S+U Zoologischer Garten) - S+U Alexanderplatz/Memhardstr.
    - Line 200: Hertzallee (S+U Zoologischer Garten) - Michelangelostr.
    - Line 245: Hertzallee (S+U Zoologischer Garten) - Robert-Koch-Platz
  • Multiplayer
    - Players can choose between driving and working in the Control Center
    - Join the ride in the bus of another player
    - Change of shifts
  • Interactive Control Center
    - Manage and organize shift plans
    - Events can be created dynamically or manually, such as bus replacement services
    - Radio service between drivers and Control Center
  • Economic system
    - Establish your own company
    - Ticket prizes can be individually set
    - Vehicles have to regularly be maintained and repaired
    - Bus fleet and staff can be managed (AI or other players)
  • Modding for levels
    - Existing city can be extended
    - Neu cities can be created
  • Modding for vehicles
    - New vehicles can be added and set up

Release date: To be announced.


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