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Cattle and Crops: About Tech Demo

Author: Zagruzka, Views: 1 345, Date: 21-06-2017, 23:22
  • Cattle and Crops: About Tech Demo
  • Thanks to your tremendous cooperation with our server test we were able to evaluate lots of feedback and got a good impression of what’s important to you. This helped us immensely in identifying and fixing several bugs. Thanks a lot for your assistance and support!
    In our attached changelog you can see what we have changed, fixed and newly implemented in version We welcome your future feedback and suggestions, on how we can make coming versions even better and more stable.

    BUG FIX: The problems with special characters in the passwords (especially “%”) have been fixed.

    NEW: We’ve added presets for low, medium, high and ultra settings in the graphics options.
    NEW: For better road safety we’ve added a horn for the Arion!
    NEW: In addition to “quit game” we’ve added an option to restart the map.
    NEW: When changing the language in the options menu a popup indicates that a restart is necessary.
    NEW: Info texts have been added to some of the more important settings in the options menu. We’ll add more help texts to the other menus in the future.
    NEW: Stuck machinery can be reset to the edge of the field via the respawn button in the vehicle fleet menu.
    NEW: Dust and particles are stirred up when cultivating.
    NEW: Cultivators exhibit a drag force while in the ground, which will change based on implement size, work depth and speed. This will influence your driving experience, depending on your difficulty level.

    BUG FIX: The cultivating mission can be completed with 100% more easily.
    BUG FIX: Rain doesn’t cause the game to stutter when fast-forwarding anymore.
    BUG FIX: Duplicate assets have been removed.
    BUG FIX: The leak in the roof has been fixed: no more rain in the cowshed
    BUG FIX: Hiring workers doesn’t crash the game anymore
    BUG FIX: Camera collisions have been improved.
    BUG FIX: User actions (on the right) can be dragged and dropped into the quickbar (at the bottom)
    BUG FIX: Arion animations (right door, steering console, rear window)
    BUG FIX: When you start a mission, the field is reset (it doesn’t remain cultivated).
    BUG FIX: The mouse doesn’t jump to the center of the screen when in fullscreen mode.
    BUG FIX: Wheel tracks are oriented in the correct direction.

    CHANGE: The apply button has been removed from the options menu.
    CHANGE: Fast-forwarding has been optimized, the speed has been adjusted.
    CHANGE: Some trees have been relocated.
    CHANGE: The engine sounds have been reworked.
    CHANGE: The color of the Arion wheel rims has been adjusted to the official Claas colors.


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