More Portals v1.0 for No Mans Sky

More Portals v1.0 for No Mans Sky
No Man Sky
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9 September 2016
Category - Other Mods / No Mans Sky
Version - No Mans Sky
Credits: - kazukami

Description about More Portals v1.0 for No Mans Sky:

More Portals v1.0 for No Mans Sky game.

Some planets spawn more buildings and some less. What this mod does is greatly increase your chances of finding Portals and Ruins on all planets and moons.

The only thing I changed is the number that controls the chances of Portals and Ruins spawning.

I made three versions:

The first one increases Portal spawn chances by 100 times and Ruins by 20.

The second one increases Portal spawn chances by 200 times and Ruins by 40.

The third one increases Portal spawn chances by 400 times and Ruins by 80.

What this means is that Portals and Ruins will spawn with the same probability. Portals were set to a 0.05 chance while Ruins were at 0.25.
I increased both to an equal number in each version.

It has worked in every system I've warped too and on both planets and moons.

My reason for including Ruins along with the Portals is so that we can actually test the flagpole theory better because Ruins will spawn more often and closer to the Portals. This should make it a lot easy for us to find out if we can activate them.


All three versions are included in the same zip file.

Drag and drop the MOD file into your PCBANKS folder (for Steam this is located at C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS).
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More Portals v1.0 for No Mans Sky

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