Show Your Emotion v1.1 by Derpsdale for Fallout 4

Show Your Emotion v1.1 by Derpsdale for Fallout 4
Fallout 4
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16 February 2017
Category - Other Mods / Fallout 4
Version - Fallout 4
Credits: - Derpsdale
Description about Show Your Emotion v1.1 by Derpsdale for Fallout 4:

Show Your Emotion v1.1 by Derpsdale for Fallout 4 game.


Are you sick of your characters always having this plain, dry, and/or bored look on their faces?  Want to change it?  Read On!


Mod Information:
What this mod does is add a simple little Button that you can craft at any Settlement.
This Button is located under the Decorations -> Misc Category.
After you go through the menus it will alter your characters facial expression and depending on if you choose it, it will have a timer on it as well.
Due to coding limitations on the CK I could only fit in 2 different timers (5 Minutes and 15 Minutes), they only allow ~900 lines of code per Pex file.

If you pick the timer option your character will have whatever facial expression that you pick for either 5 or 15 minutes before reverting back to the normal facial expression.
If you do not pick a timer the facial expression that you choose will last until you either change it or revert it back to normal.
There is an option to revert it back to normal, it is located in the non timer area.
This will work with both Male and Female characters.

I made the timers for those that like to take pictures, and just figured it would be an interesting thing to add in anyway.

There are 36 different expressions to pick from ranging from Afraid to Worried and I put them all in alphabetical order in the menus.
The 37th is the normal character face expression.

Some of these expressions can be difficult to see, and probably depend on your characters face alterations (morphs) that you set in place after you made them.

I will mark this as a modders resource as I will put the source code in it, this code is more advanced than my previous ones but still nothing too complex I also added notes into parts of it, but it is a total of 803 lines long (mostly due to the timers).

Please also note that the materials have been changed to build the button from what it shows in the picture.

How it Works:
Step 1: Build the Button at any Settlement (Requires some components, nothing extravagant.  No Perk Requirements)
Step 2: Push the pretty red Button
Step 3: Figure out if you want a timer or not
Step 4: Select what you want from options 1-19 or 20-39 (the last one of each cancels)
Step 5: Select your Facial Expression
Step 6: Take Pictures or/and Emote like a Champ!
Step 7: If you picked a Timer a Message will display once your time is up and your facial expression has reverted back to normal.

If you select a timer, a menu will pop up after the time is done letting you know that your facial expression has gone back to normal.  This menu will appear regardless if you revert it back to normal or select another timed facial expression.  If you do select another timed facial expression, you have just set up another timer and that facial expression will only last until the first timer runs out, but you will still get all of the messages when the respective timers end.

So basically, if you select a timer just wait for it to go out before you select another facial expression.

I recommend using Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) to install, then just activate the ESP (Plugin).

If you do not use NMM, then copy the stuff in the Data folder of the Mod tot he Data folder of your game and activate the ESP file.

Thank Yous:
Bethesda for Fallout 4
Bethesda for F4CK (Fallout 4 Creation Kit)
The makers of FO4Edit

This mod was made by myself using F4CK, and FO4Edit.

Yes it is still me, despite me not using my usual "Description Template", I just want to start making them shorter (took me 1-2 hours to type them before hand).

Please Enjoy as Always.

Donations are always welcome, but completely optional as always.
Finally we can easily emote like a boss!
I have opened up pictures to be instantly verified, just do not post anything with nudity.

Screens / Videos
Show Your Emotion v1.1 by Derpsdale for Fallout 4 Show Your Emotion v1.1 by Derpsdale for Fallout 4 Show Your Emotion v1.1 by Derpsdale for Fallout 4

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