OCDecorator v1.05 for Fallout 4

OCDecorator v1.05 for Fallout 4
Fallout 4
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2 April 2016
Category - Other Mods / Fallout 4
Version - Fallout 4
Credits: - mcface
Description about OCDecorator v1.05 for Fallout 4:

1.05 Release!
After discovering some very cool tricks that can be achieved by editing a in-game script, we have created the OCDispenser. I'm a bit biased but as far as I can tell this is the most advanced edit of a pex script available on F04Nexus. I cannot take credit for this script edit, so please do not ask me how or for help. A very good friend helped me with this project and he did 99% of the edits.

Besides the providing the OCDispenser, I have made some changes and additions to the "old" menus. Like rolling-pins, snap fixes for ductape and removed the ability to "build" real bobble-heads from the menus (a total of 45 changes from 1.04). There is a "Replica Bobble Heads" option available and you can always use the OCDispenser to place the real ones into your settlement/homes.

No you will not lose the bobble-heads previously place, just the ability to create new ones.

What can OCDecorator do now?
You can place ANY lootable object as a static object, using a custom container (OCDispenser). It will dispense them for you to move around in the normal settlement edit mode. It does have some negative side effects but the pros WAY out weight the cons. I will talk more about the know problems in the known issues area.

You can now directly loot the objects you place with the dispenser. No need to enter crafting mode to scrap and then loot from the workbench inventory.

Quick Shout Outs and Thanks
I appreciate everyone's feedback and friendliness while they used the 1.05Beta release. It was a big change that didn't work completely as people wanted, so it helped me make the decision to bring back the full OCDecorator menus. Now we can have best of both worlds. OCDispensers crazy magic powers of spitting out static objects, plus the ease of use of the crafting menus.

I also wanted to give a big THANK YOU to all the people who have donated. Big and small, they all bring a smile to my face. Not because I'm "making money" but because it makes me feel like this project is appreciated at such a personal level. So thank you for those who can and have! It helps me moving forward in so many ways.

Install Notes
The Installer should do most of the work for you but I do recommend that you uninstall previous versions of OCDecorator and accept ANY overwrite that might popup during the install process.

I will provide a short highlight/Tutorial video soon!

If you are an Obsessive Compulsive Decorator, you can now safety spend hours fine-tuning the placement items without worry. No more concerns about Dogmeat passing gas and knocking over a drinking glass on the other side of the settlement..

This mod makes inventory items into decorative static objects. 

  • Objects CANNOT be knocked over. Not by you, the settlers or a bizarre unknown force.
  • Objects CAN be moved around. Use the crafting menu, like any other settlement object.
  • Objects CAN be scrapped and it returns the item back to the workshop inventory. You can transfer it back to your inventory from there.
  • ANY object you pick up can be placed with the OCDispenser tool! I'm including custom stuff from other mods in that statement.
  • Objects build with OCDispenser CAN be picked up and put directly into your inventory.

How to place/build static items with the OCDecorator:

  1. Open up your settlement building mode
  2. Stand-Alone OCDecorator: Locate the OCDecorator menu on the far right of the main menu
  3. Settlement Keyword (Sk) OCDecorator: Locate the OCDecorator objects under Decorations>Clutter
  4. Build away! 
  • (most objects require that you have one of said object in your inventory to build. You can get around this requirement by typing TGM into the console)

How to place/build static items with the OCDispenser tool:

  1. Build the "OCDispenser" - Located with the other craftable workbenches
  2. Place objects into the container - Make sure you read the warnings for Armors/Weapons
  3. Exit the container and watch the items pop up next to the container
  4. Enter Settlement Building Mode
  5. Move the objects into place
  6. Repeat and Enjoy!

  • OCDispenser: Legendary/Custom weapons and armor are turned vanilla, permanently. This is just how the script and game handles custom items. There might be a possible fix in the future. There are plenty of warnings to prevent you from losing these items.
  • OCDispenser: Weapons snap at the grip. This is just how the script and game handles where the item should connect to another object in the game. In the near future I will make custom versions, that you can build in the OCDuplicator for better placement.
  • SHELVES - This is not a problem with OCDecorator but the vanilla Fallout 4 shelves. I suggest you look at the Precise Object moving mod linked in the recommended sections. If anyone is good at making custom collision maps/models, I would love help with this.
  • Some Glass Objects Missing Textures - This is not a problem with OCDecorator. It's an issue with the textures that Bethesda used. I'll need to replace them to fix. If anyone is good at doing this, I would love some help.


If the OCDecorator menus becomes scrambled, or missing, you are experiencing a well known problem that cannot be completely solved at this point in time. I suggest you check the forums/posts area for a detailed description of this problem.

If you are using the Non-Frameworked Version of OCDecorator, ANY mod that uses the main menu space will require a compatibility patch. As of right now, all the mods that I'm aware of have moved away from the main menu. If you know of any mods that are using the main menu space, alongside OCDecorator, please let me know and I'll either provide a compatibility patch or look into it at least.

Please let me know if you are aware of any other compatibility problems.

I could recommend many different mods but these mesh with OCDecorator very well.
Reddit Console commands tutorial
Precise object moving and rotating - I cannot recommend this enough for OCDecorator users!
Place in Red 
Alternate Settlements
Snap & Build
• Functional Weapon Racks
• Mojave Imports
Batch File all the junk - If you want stuff to place, use this batch file or similar ones available


OCDecorator v1.05 for Fallout 4 OCDecorator v1.05 for Fallout 4 OCDecorator v1.05 for Fallout 4

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