Wasteland of the Apes v1.0 by Sursion for Fallout 4

Wasteland of the Apes v1.0 by Sursion for Fallout 4
Fallout 4
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28 December 2015
Category - Other Mods / Fallout 4
Version - Fallout 4
Credits: - Sursion
Description about Wasteland of the Apes v1.0 by Sursion for Fallout 4:
Become the Lord of the Gorillas

Feeling a little disappointed with how flimsy the vanilla synth allies are? Finding that synth relay grenades just aren't worth the price? Worry no longer! This mod changes the synth relay grenades to teleport powerful Synthetic Gorillas to aid you in combat instead of the half-destroyed synths Bethesda offered.

- Synth Relay Grenades will now spawn a Gorilla Warrior to aid you in combat.
- Gorilla Warriors will fight anything in sight, except for the player and companions.
- Very tanky - will provide an excellent distraction in the midst of a firefight.
- Powerful - Can crush enemies with its mighty fists and run over enemies with its fierce shoulder charge.
- Lore friendly - The Institute has already developed synthetic gorillas, and the ability to teleport them at will to aid in combat. Gorillas already appear in the final battle (should you choose to side with the institute). This should have been in the game to begin with.
- Not overpowered - While strong, they can still fall in combat if they take too much fire. Skin can only protect so much!
- Unlimited use - You can spawn as many gorillas as you have grenades! Pick and choose which battles deserve more gorilla reinforcements.

Installation Instructions:
Manual Install:
- Simply drag the GorillaGrenade.esp into your data folder located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 4.
- Open your plugins.ini located in C:\Users\youraccountname\AppData\Local\Fallout4.
- Add "GorillaGrenade.esp" without quotations to the list, on it's own line.
- Save the file.
- Right click plugins and open properties.
- Set it to read-only and hit apply.
- You're done! Start the game and command your gorilla army to victory.

- Select the Download with manager option, and your mod manager of choice will do the rest!

- Obviously, anything that changes what the Synth Relay Grenades spawn in will be incompatible.
- Should be compatible with everything else. This is a very light mod.

Known Issues:
- Gorilla Warriors will attack anything in sight barring the player and companions. While this is technically lore friendly (they are enraged gorillas after all), I recommend being very cautious when summoning them in or around settlements and cities. They will wreak havoc. Luckily, they will never turn on the player, so feel free to execute them if they start doing things you don't like.
- If the grenade lands on top of difficult terrain (ie: on top of a lamp post or fire hydrant), the gorilla may not spawn. Unfortunately this is a vanilla issue that affected synths also. It's annoying, but what can you do. You shouldn't be spawning gorillas on lamp posts anyways.

Future Releases:
Unfortunately there isn't much left to do until the GECK is released, but thankfully, I have many ideas once it drops. Be sure to check back frequently for updates!
1) Make gorilla grenades standalone
- That way you can spawn gorillas OR synths. The choice is yours.
- Will also add future standalone grenades to the synth vendor at the institute requisition office and in the synth retention centre.
2) Add a variety of other summonables
- The Institute is highly advanced and works heavily in biological studies. It makes sense they would branch out into other areas than gorillas
- Deathclaw grenades, courser grenades, you name it. As the director of the Institute, their technology and power is yours.
- Price at the store will likely increase for more powerful summons. Being powerful isn't cheap!

Special Thanks:
Huge thank you to Reddit users /u/Mycatfartedjustnow and /u/xxdeathknight72xx for teaching me how to use FO4Edit. Without their help, I wouldn't have even known where to start.

Wasteland of the Apes v1.0 by Sursion for Fallout 4 Wasteland of the Apes v1.0 by Sursion for Fallout 4

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