AKM - Assault Rifle v1.1 for Fallout 4

AKM - Assault Rifle v1.1 for Fallout 4
Fallout 4
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Description about AKM - Assault Rifle v1.1 for Fallout 4:

AKM - Assault Rifle v1.1 for Fallout 4 game.

This mod adds an AKM assault Rifle with a matching Type II Bayonet.  
The rifle has custom animation, custom sounds (from the AK74M mod) and a few modifcations.
It has been added to the leveled lists, and will spawn on Gunners/Traders/Merchants, and in random containers around the game world.
It will start to spawn when your character reaches level 25.
The weapons are also craftable at the Chemlab.

There is a unique legendary variant in the Gunner's Plaza.
The weapon uses 5.56 as ammo.

The optional Nuka-World Patch changes the ammo type to 7.62.

Personal notes: This gun was made initially to introduce me to gun porting. I wasn't planning on sharing it when I begun.
I am perfectly aware that there are lot of AK mods available, and that this doesn't have the most extensive array of modifications available. If this bothers you, find another mod that you like.

If you enjoyed the mod, consider endorsing, and supporting the authors !

Recommended for maximum immersionOfficial Bluetape 

Version 1.1

Fixed sound glitch with Double Mags

Added proper blood effect to the Bayonet knife (Thanks asXas!)

A few other minor changes


Animations: Ha_ru
AKM and 6x4 Model/Texture: Frimenitnet
1PN93-4 Model/Texture: SAM61 | Alex_I
PBS-1 Model/Texture: Heffy
OKP-7 Model/Texture: madmax1539
Mag tape model/texture:  BlackMetal
Description template, render pictures, tons of help: FX0x01
Special thanks to: BenderSKR (Oh Deer)
Sounds: Иavaяо
All included assets in this mod are either free to use(provided credits) or are used with permission

AKM - Assault Rifle v1.1 for Fallout 4 AKM - Assault Rifle v1.1 for Fallout 4 AKM - Assault Rifle v1.1 for Fallout 4

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