True Grass Mod v0.2 for Fallout 4

True Grass Mod v0.2 for Fallout 4
Fallout 4
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19 April 2017
Category - Other Mods / Fallout 4
Credits: - L00

Description about True Grass Mod v0.2 for Fallout 4:

True Grass Mod v0.2 for Fallout 4 game.


True Grass is an all-in-one lore-friendly grass, plant and flora overhaul to reshape the Fallout 4 landscape into something more wild, more diversified and more natural.

Grass and plants and distant LODs have been redone.
New grass types, flowers, plants or even some subtle mutated plants have been added.
Landscapes now uses more color tons between green and browns with some occasional stronger color spots.
Most of the vegetation types are different depending of the location.

FPS hit is minimal on my end, but just in case a performance patch is also included within the TrueGrass download.

True Grass is compatible with any mod altering trees only,
but NOT with mods altering grass or plants !

Recommended mods to use with True Grass:
- Natural & Atmospheric Commonwealth (Weather, lighting and visual overhaul)
- Commonwealth Conifer Redux (Trees overhaul)

TODO list:
- to continue working on vanilla vegetation; Meshes, materials and textures.
- to add some more grass and flora types.
- to find the sweet spot regarding flora balance ingame for each kind of location.
- to make an additional plugin for trees, once the flora is done.


Version 0.2
- Fixed grass in RedRocket
- Fixed specular map issues
- Reworked some materials and textures
- Rewored some grass types
- Added new grass and new flora types
- Rebalanced flora for some areas
- Made a distant LOD texture to match TrueGrass landscape


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True Grass Mod v0.2 for Fallout 4 True Grass Mod v0.2 for Fallout 4 True Grass Mod v0.2 for Fallout 4

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