Community Mod Menu RC1 v1.0 for GTA 5

Community Mod Menu RC1 v1.0 for GTA 5
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6 March 2017
Category - GTA V / GTA V other mods
Version - v1.0.944
Credits: - zh0ul
Description about Community Mod Menu RC1 v1.0 for GTA 5:

Community Mod Menu RC1 v1.0 for GTA 5 game.


Community Mod Menu | Trainer by The Community ( Thats You! )



- Alexander Blade - All our Daddy
- Jake Dreemurr - Beta Tester, Bug Stomper
- fgf9393@gta5-mods - Bug Victim/Reporter
- EyesBlue1988@gta5-mods - Beta Tester
- OHMYMODZ - "Essential Mod Menu" , which was the base of this menu.
- GTALua
- The Community ( Thats you! )

Therefore, if (when) you find a bug/missing feature, its your fault and you should fix it immediately.


1) Install ScriptHookV
2) Install MS Visual Studio 2013 Redist
3) Install MS Visual Studio 2015 Redist
4) Extract Community Mod Menu's .zip to your GTA5 folder.
5) For online vehicles, you no longer need a mod other than this menu!
- To unlock online vehicles, simply enable:

Vehicles -> Spawn Vehicle -> Unlock Online Vehicles.

== Enable/Disable ==

dinput8.dll -> activates scripthookv.dll
scripthookv.dll -> activates mods in ASI folder.
ASI\GTALua.asi -> activates GTALua\*


!! TO PLAY ONLINE !! Without mod menu

1) Rename dinput8.dll to dinput8.dl_
2) Restart GTA5

!! TO PLAY OFFLINE !! With mod menu

1) Rename dinput8.dl_ to dinput8.dll
2) Restart GTA5

== Mod Menu Controls ==
Key config can be found in: GTALUA\addons\cmenu\settings.cGUI-Key-Binds.lua

Menu Open = Numpad . or Z or X
Menu Close = Numpad . or Ctrl + Z or Ctrl + X
Menu Back = Numpad 0
Menu Down/Left/Up/Right = Numpad 2,4,6,8 or MOUSE-WHEEL also goes Up/Down.
Menu Select/Activate = Numpad 5 or MIDDLE-MOUSE-BUTTON

Menu Open (when closed) = Z
Menu Back/Close (when open) = Z
Hot Menu's (most used) = X

== Flying Controls ==

Fly Forward = Sprint(shift)
Fly Down = Sneak(left-control)
Hold Position = Jump(space)

*NOTE* Requires Self -> Fly v2
*NOTE* You can fly faster the higher you fly.

== Ragdoll Controls ==

Toggle On/Off = Horn (E on keyboard by default)
Flip Forward = Accelerate
Flip Backward = Brake/Reverse
Spin Left = Turn Left
Spin Right = Turn Right
Upward Boost = Space

*NOTE* Requires Self -> Fly v2 and Self -> Fly v2.0 Ragdoll Button

== Quick Keys ==

Quick-Rope = "MP_TEXT_CHAT_ALL" (which is T by default)
Quick-Fix-and-Heal = KEY_6
Quick-Visual-Upgrade = KEY_7

== Spike Strips ==

Drop 10 Spikes = SPRINT + HORN or SHIFT + E

*NOTE* If Ramps are not enabled, then the hotkey is simply HORN or E while in a vehicle. Is still SHIFT + E if on foot.

== Insta-Ramp ==

Enable/Disable Feature = Sneak(lctrl) + Sprint(shift) + HORN , when in a vehicle.
Spawn Ramp = Tap HORN
Cycle Ramp = Sneak(left_control) + HORN
Remove Ramps Newest to Oldest = HOLD HORN (every 51 frames, the most recently spawned ramp will be removed.)

*NOTE* Configure new ramps in: GTALua\addons\cmenu\settings.Ramps.lua
*NOTE* Find new ramps by using LUA console command: objects , example: objects ramp

== Targeting and other In-Game Controls ==

Lock Aimed Target A = Shift + Z
Lock Aimed Target B = Shift + X
Clear Locked Targets = Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+X

Switch Seat = L , or Sprint(shift)+L for going opposite way.

Power Meter Up = Sprint (shift)
Power Meter 100x = Double-Tap Sprint (shift)
Power Meter 1x = One-Tap Sprint (shift)

Launch - Vehicle Forward = Numpad +
Launch - Vehicle Backward = Numpad -
Launch - Stop Vehicle = Sprint(shift) + Numpad -

*NOTE* Launch controls require Vehicles -> Launch to be enabled

Back Seat Driver - Forward = Your Accel Button (W for me)
Back Seat Driver - Backward = Your Brake Button (S for me)
Back Seat Driver - Up = Your Accel and Brake Buttons (W and S for me)

*NOTE* Back Seat Driver controls require Vehicle -> Back Seat Driver to be enabled.
*NOTE* Back Seat Driver requires you are in any seat but the drivers seat.

Digi-Gravity-Gun = KEY_1 (above Q key)

Digi-Gravity-Distance-Physics = Mouse Wheel up/down for +/- distance.
Digi-Gravoty-Distance-SetCoords = Sprint(Shift) + Sneak(Ctrl) + Wheel up/down

Digi-Unfreeze-GiveGrav = Right-Click - This is the 'clear/reset' action, basically undoing what the rest of the actions do.
Digi-Unfreeze-TakeGrav = Sprint(Shift) + Right-Click
Digi-Freeze = Sneak(Ctrl) + Right-Click
Digi-Hogtie Ped = Sneak(Ctrl) + Left-Click - When releasing ped. So, pick ped up, hold Ctrl, then click again.

Right-Click Releases will not use power to launch the ent, but it will allow the ent to keep traveling however they were before you let go of them.

Right-Click actions dont require you to pick up your targets first. If you want to freeze a car quickly, hold Ctrl then Right-Click and they will indeed be frozen.

*NOTE* If you are inside (house/strip club/store/etc) or in a vehicle and want to use the Digi-Scanner, you must enable the "Give Digiscanner Loop" option.
As such, the menu to do this is automatically displayed when pressing 1 or 2.

NOTE 1: Gravity Gun Modes

There are two modes after you pick up an entity.
One is 'physics', the other is 'set entity coords'.
For peds and vehs, default is physics, unless range is > 350
For objects, default is controlled by the "Spawn Frozen" option, in Objects menu.
If "Spawn Frozen" is enabled, then objects are moved with set coords and frozen in place.
If "Spawn Frozen" is disabled, then objects are moved with physics, up to 350 meters.
A good object to use in physics mode, is simply 'rock'. Spawn custom name, type rock, have a blast.
You can force Set Coords mode, by holding Sprint+Sneak when doing mouse wheel (if ents get stuck, etc)

NOTE 2: Peds as Propulsion.

1) Digi-Scanner -> Give Digiscanner Loop
2) Get in any vehicle
3) Find and rope a ped ( Peds -> Orders to Painted -> Rope Painted A )
4) Use mouse wheel to control distance, thus causing peds to pull you like reindeer. Crazy good handling if used right.
5) The Power Meter dictates how much distance a mouse wheel tick is worth. Try power of 1x for 'fine' results, or 100x for 'wtf just happened' results.
6) When done using the ped as a Blood Bag (Mad Max), try Shift+Right-Click to release, turning them into a ped-balloon.

== Water Sports Controls ==

Control the ocean like a god... or something...

Enable/Disasble = Ctrl + Down Arrow
Wave Height = Left Arrow / Right Arrow
Radius = Ctrl + Left Arrow / Ctrl + Right Arrow

== The Power Meter ==

The Power Meter (visible at the top of the screen) greatly effects many of the mod menu features.

It looks like ||||||||||||||||||||||| x1

Its power ranges from x1 to x100

It can be increased by holding sprint.

It can be maxed quickly by double-tapping sprint. ( no need to hold sprint after setting )

It can be reset to x1 by one-tapping sprint.

Below is a short list of features effected by the power meter.

- Self -> Max Endurance = A higher power will make you run faster and hit harder (much harder).
- Vehicles -> Engine Power/Torque = A higher power will give more power/torque and lessen wind resistance. x100 power is usually too much for most vehicles, but works well with Rhino and other large or slow vehicles.
- Vehicles -> Back Seat Driver = A higher power will increase the force applied to the vehicle.
- Weapons -> Rapid Fire = A higher power will make you shoot faster and with more damage. A x100 powered sniper rifle can set a car on fire in 1 shot.
- Digi-Scanner -> Gravity Gun = A higher power will throw peds/vehicles/objects harder.
- Digi-Scanner -> Teleport Gun = A higher power will teleport you further, with a max of 1000km at x100 power.

== Advanced Flying ==

Why does flying feel like falling without grace in most other mods? It simply should not be this way!

Therefore; Toggle Self -> Fly v2 on and look like a dork no more.


Sprint(shift) = Fly Forward - You can fly faster the higher you fly.
Sneak(left-control) = Fly Down
Jump(space) = Hold position (If flying fast, you are slowed quickly but not instantly to a stop.)

== Advanced Targeting ==

Most mods require you to 'aim' at targets to acquire them.

This can piss off or simply scare off most peds.

This mod uses 4 separate systems to track/lock targets, enabling targeting-through-walls, and targeting at *very* long distances without aiming.

== Advanced Firing ==

If you enable Weapons -> Rapid Fire , Advanced Targeting is used to fire upon targets.

Ever want to stun-gun a ped from 700 meters away?

Or how bout taze one driving a car , at 900 meters?

One Shot a Blimp from 5000 meters away, with a pistol?

Double-Barrel a helicopter from 7000 meters?

Now you can.

== Advanced Bodyguards ==

Dont get me wrong, they're still about as smart as a monkey with downs...

Their actions are contextual.

If you spawn a bodyguard while in passenger of a vehicle, and driver is free,

or if you switch seats and a bodyguard is also in the vehicle,

the bodyguard will take up drivers position and go in whatever direciton you point the camera.

If you place a waypoint on the map, your bodyguards will do what they can to rally at that point (also works for driver of your vehicle).

Landing? not yet, but soon? yes.. soon.

Try spawning a plane, moving to passenger, then spawn bodyguard(s).

== Train Control ==

Take a ride on the Reading Railroad.

Find a (non-metro) Train, Teleport into driver seat and use accelerate/brake to change the trains speed.

You can even stop the train, or go in reverse!

== Musically Talented Vehicles ==

1) Teleport to the Amphitheater
- Teleport -> To User Given Coords: 686 577 130

2) Disable warp into spawned vehicles
- Vehicles -> Spawn Vehicle -> Disable 'Warp Into Spawned Vehicles'

3) Enable 'Musically Talented'
- Vehicles -> Spawn Vehicle -> Enable 'Musically Talented'

4) Spawn 9 of any vehicle. I suggest starting with motorcycles of some sort since they are easy to place.
- Vehicles -> Spawn Vehicle -> Spawn Vehicle by List - Walk and spawn 9 motorcycles.

If you mess up, you can remove last vehicle, or remove all vehicles and try again.

5) Set time to Midnight
- World -> Time -> Set to 00:00

6) Do-Ray-Me
- To trigger any vehicle horn, The menu itself must be closed. (so, close the menu)
- Now, Numpad keys 1-9 activate horns and by default, horns are set to Do-Ray-Me etc, etc, etc.
- Also, some horns play longer. To stop all horns, use Numpad 0
- It takes a few key presses for the horns to 'wake up' , so mash numpads 1-9 until you hear something.
- Try to play Do-Ray-Me
1 2 3 1 3 1 3
2 3 4 4 3 2 4
3 4 5 3 5 3 5
4 5 6 6 5 4 6
5 1 2 3 4 5 6
6 2 3 4 5 6 7
7 3 4 5 6 7 8
8 7 6 4 7 5 8
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

7) Wheres the other horns?
- 2 other hot-keys are now active.
- Numpad + and Numpad - cycle through the horn settings list.
- These profiles can be changed by editing GTALua\addons\cmenu\settings.Horn-Profiles.txt with any text editor.
- String together the star spangled banner, or make all the vehicles annoyingly play Flight-of-the-Bumblebee

8) When done, dont forget to disable 'Musically Talented', if only because of how annoying it can be when not making vehicles sing on purpose.

== New LUA Console Commands ==

Firstly, if anything you input in the LUA console is not recognized as a console command, it is assumed to be lua and executed as such. This is a huge change/bonus for deving.

alerts = Alerts you based on given text. Can set multiple alerts ( example: alert cash will highlight any time cash is seen. ). Use the objects command to find object names, then alerts command to add names to alert list.
entlist = Prints the object/vehicle/ped lists that are maintained and used for targeting and other purposes.
hash = Hashes any string and can tell you if the hash is valid. If hash is valid, it attempts to tell you what object the hash is associated with.
natives = Search/Display known natives.
objects = Search/Display objects
spawn = Spawn Props, Vehicles, Peds
stats = Shows a list of specific stats related to the mod menu and game.
tp = If given an ID, will teleport player to that ID. If given coords, will teleport player to those coords.

== Change Log ==

## 2016-12-31_RC1 ##
- Added: Ring in the new-year with (partially) Useful Medics! With World -> Useful Medics enabled, any peds within 5 meters of a Paramedic who are dead, will be revived. Problem is, medics usually stick around for 1 resurrection then bolt.
- Changed: World Settings -> Renamed "Random Cops/Trains/Boats" to "No Random ...", simply because by default, those things are 'enabled', so to change them is to 'disable' them.
- Added: World Settings -> "No Random Events"
- Improved: World Settings -> "No Random Cops" , Added 2 more natives that also block random cops. natives.PED.SET_CREATE_RANDOM_COPS_NOT_ON_SCENARIOS and natives.PED.SET_CREATE_RANDOM_COPS_ON_SCENARIOS
- Fixed: When dying as say, a dolphin, the menu would crash and death loop would play over and over. Issue was the player/dead detection was pushed down the list of checks before doing things per frame. I have moved it back to 'the top area' and dolphin death 'works well'.
- Improved: World Settings -> "No Peds" and "No Vehicles". These were not working for some time. Since I revisited them, I found that simply asking the game to not spawn anything doesnt work, so a more aggressive method is applied and peds are forcefully removed. You should be able to spawn your own peds/bodyguards however.
- Fixed: Resurrection. Finally figured out that peds long dead lose certain Collision flags. Giving them back has solved issue of rezzed ped falling through floor. \o/
- Fixed: Teleporting to high places like the top of Mount Chiliad.

## 2016-12-31_RC5 ##

- In honor of "The Dude", Default settings have been completely wiped. Good luck trying to figure this menu out on your own o/

## 2016-01-04_RC4 ##
- Changed: Self -> Endurance/Strength/Speed. Move/Animation 'rate' when not holding sprint is now set to Normal/Unboosted. When holding sprint, Animation rate (thus move rate) is then boosted up to 400% , in steps and based on Power Meter. This helps by allowing you to go from a max run speed of 90/kmh to the default walk speed of 6/kmh in less than a second and smoothly. No longer should you over-run your targets.
- Changed: HUD -> Speed KMH/Speed MPH. Now, if both are toggled on, instead of drawing both on top of each other it will alternate between displaying KMH and MPH every 4 seconds.
- Fixed: Issue pertaining to being able to aim and the new menu search system. You are now able to aim after canceling i.e. "Search Animations", etc.
- Removed: Vehicles -> Spawn Vehicle -> "Disable Blow-Up Online Vehicles", "Disable Shops Enable Online Vehicles", "Get Online Vehicles Unlocker"
- Added: Vehicles -> Spawn Vehicle -> "Enable Online Vehicles". Thats right, you can dump your mp vehicle unlocker (unless for some reason this new one doesnt work.)
- Improved: Bombs now track targets if you have one (or fall slowly like they used to if pointing at air/ground.)
- Improved: There is also a 'Bomb Cam' available. Once you drop a bomb, a message appears "Press V For Bomb Cam"
- Improved: Some back-end issues with hotkeys. Still might be an artifact or two about, so let me know if you have any issues.
- Changed: The 'no default configuration' I integrated last build didnt fly well at all. I have re-integrated an updated (and somewhat slimmer) default configuration. Note: If you already have user settings (i.e. settings.User.XXX.YYY files) then you wont notice a difference this update.

## 2016-01-05_RC1 ##
- Fixed: Control issues. Let me know if anything is not working as expected.

## 2016-01-05_RC2 ##
- Fixed: Further refinements in Control Issues.

## 2016-01-14_RC2 ##

- Improved: Enemy Detection in general. Now any enemy is registered within 0-3 seconds.

- Improved: Weapons -> Auto-Target Enemies.
-- It would only target up to the first 2 enemies in the enemy list.
-- If it could not shoot them (for whatever reason, i.e. behind wall) then it would never advance to other enemies.
-- Now, every frame, 'the next 2 enemies' are fired upon.
-- If you also enable Weapons->Keep Shooting, you can keep 5 stars and cops die before making it anywhere near you.

- Improved: Spawning bodyguards while outside.
-- Before, they would pick a random spot Targeted Ped Orders -> Set On Fire.
-- Can now be used to set any entity on fire (telephone poles, vehicles, peds), not just peds.

- Changed: Removed all color modifications from "Vehicles -> Visual Upgrade"

- Added: Vehicles -> Color.
-- You can now change the individual color components of a vehicle or use "Randomize" to generate a random one.
-- Currently; you can save 1 color profile per vehicle.
-- If you save a color profile then the same color profile is used the next time you spawn the vehicle.

- Improved: Vehicles -> Spawn Vehicle -> Hot-Swap Vehicle If Moving.
-- The old vehicle is now removed after hot-swap takes place (instead of leaving a mess in your wake.)

- Fixed: Walk/Drive on water.
-- If you did not have both toggled on, neither worked.

- Changed: Power Meter
-- Holding sprint will start to build power
-- Letting go stops building the power meter
-- You can lock the power meter by double-tapping sprint
-- If you have locked the power meter below x100, then double-tapping sprint will MAX the power meter.
-- If you have locked and maxed the power meter, then double-tapping sprint will unset lock and reset to x1 power.

- Changed: The "Spawn Bodyguard" Hotkey has been changed from K, to SPRINT+Y (or whatever you have Controls -> GTA Online -> TEAM_CHAT mapped to).
-- This change moves the key away from LUA detect to in-game detect, so when you are alt-tabbed and press it, it wont register.

- Changed: The "Switch Seat"/"Warp Into Targeted Vehicle" Hotkey has been changed from L, to Y (or whatever you have Controls -> GTA Online -> TEAM_CHAT mapped to).
-- This change moves the key away from LUA detect to in-game detect, so when you are alt-tabbed and press it, it wont register.

- Added: All Letter Scrap locations to Teleport > Collectables

- Added: All Spaceship Parts locations to Teleport > Collectables

- Fixed: Stuff pertaining to Flying/Ragdolls/Ropes

- Added: Peds -> Relationship Group Selector -> More relationship groups. The default groups are in front alphabetically, and the 'mission specific' ones follow that.
-- The default groups are the only groups that matter usually as they are the only ones setup by default.

- Added: Peds -> Voice Menu
-- Has the ability to change the ambient voice of peds.
-- Attempts to play one of the 'mostly used' speech phrases, but some voices dont have certain phrases, so keep selecting same voice if you dont hear anything the first time.
-- Changes voice of ped you are aiming at
-- You can make your own ped say random stuff with this menu by not targeting other peds when picking voices.

- Improved: Weapons -> Hands up.
-- Dev note: LoL

## 2016-01-15_RC1 ##

- Hotfix: To the way the Vehicle -> Color panel targets.

## 2016-01-15_RC9 ##

- Added: Settings -> HUD Elements -> Game Time

- Added: World -> Time -> Real Time
-- Will match your game time to your local time.
-- In the next release, we will add another option to force time to run at real-time, but also let you set the current time.

- Added: Bit -> Disable Bit's Ambient Glow

- Changed: When entering a vehicle, The 'Vehicle Hot Keys' will now only show once per play session.

## 2016-01-16_RC1 ##

- Added: All 114 of GTA's 'native' colors, to Vehicles -> Color (giving us 1973 colors total to pick from.)

- Fixed: When holding gravity gun, only aim/attack should be disabled, unless you have a gravity gun target (have picked something up), in which case, many more buttons are disabled to allow i.e. mouse wheel to control distance.
The bug was, all of the keys were disabled if you had a gravity gun target or not.
The result is, you can once again hold the digi gravity gun *and* smoke a bong or call for a hooker, etc.

- Fixed: Sound Search

## 2016-01-22_RC6 ##

- Added: World -> Time -> Local Time - This now literally means 'Time matches local time.'. If its 1:36am your time, then so it is in game.
- Changed: World -> Time -> Real Time - This now literally means 'Time passes as if real time.' but time is also setable to any time, not just local.

- Fixed: Foot/Tire Tracks. The issue had to do with checkpoints not being removed properly, thus one would run out of game resources and no longer leave tracks. Works with snow as well.

- Added: Clear Vehicle Color Profile ( to vehicleColorMenu )

- Improved: Bombs now blow up immediately upon entering water, rather than waiting forever while sinking to bottom then blowing up.

- Fixed: Flying Boat/Bike was still setting zero gravity to any vehicle (not just bikes and boats). This made it impossible to keep the option on and use other vehicles. Fixed!

- Added: PRISONER Relationship Group to Peds > Relationship Group Selector

- Improved: Self > Never Wanted. If you set your own relationship group to PRISONER then go to the prison, you will appear to be a prisoner and thus not fired upon, thanks to a number of alarm killers.

- Improved: Self > Endurance/Speed.
- When running at top speed, while holding sprint (45 MPH), if you then hold Right-Click you can obtain 300% more running speed (up to 160 MPH).
- Does not work while holding a weapon that can be aimed (guns), but works great with melee weapons in-hand.
- Meant to be used with Weapons > Slow-Motion Aiming, because its simply too fast without it.

- Also, many other back-end changes that should be fairly transparent to you, the user, but greatly speed up menu responsiveness/FPS.

## 2017-01-24_RC1 ##

- Changed: The Hot-key definition of mouse wheel up and down. Hopefully, the current setting will work for everyone by default.


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Community Mod Menu RC1 v1.0 for GTA 5 Community Mod Menu RC1 v1.0 for GTA 5 Community Mod Menu RC1 v1.0 for GTA 5

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