Alien Invasion Mod v1.4a for GTA 5

Alien Invasion Mod v1.4a for GTA 5
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11 January 2017
Category - GTA V / GTA V other mods
Version - v1.0.877.1
Credits: - CnyiAn217
Description about Alien Invasion Mod v1.4a for GTA 5:

Alien Invasion Mod v1.4a for GTA 5 game.


We have an alien invasion! The military will not sit idly by. They will respond with Crusader light jeeps, HVY Insurgents, Barracks transport trucks, Rhino main battle tanks, Cargobob cargo helicopters, Valkyrie light attack helicopters, and Savage heavy attack helicopters.

This is my first mod, it alows you to define so much aliens and soldiers you want!

Aliens use the Railgun, and Soldiers use the Carbine Rifle.

Suggestion: turn on God mode, Enjoy!:-D
(Sorry for my bad English......)


  • Alien vs. Army
  • A Super Crazy War
  • Scoring System


  • Add the .dll and .ini files from the rar to the scripts folder.


  • Press B(default) to open AlienInvasion Menu.


  • MaxAliens - The maximum number of aliens in-game at any one time
  • MaxArmy - The maximum number of soldiers in-game at any one time
  • WeaponComponent - Action on the army's weapon
  • HardMode - If set to true, aliens will not easily fall down
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1
  • ScriptHookV 1.0.944.2
  • Script Hook V .NET 2.9.4
  • NativeUI 1.7
  • Fixed a problem that would cause mod to crash.


  • Fixed a serious FPS drop problem.
  • Other bugfixes.
  • Added Hard Mode.
  • Some bugfixes.


  • You can to be a soldier/an alien and join this war now!
  • Bodies and wreckage won't be quickly remove.
  • Other changes.


  • Added Setting Menu.


Tested in game version v1.0.877.1



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Alien Invasion Mod v1.4a for GTA 5 Alien Invasion Mod v1.4a for GTA 5 Alien Invasion Mod v1.4a for GTA 5

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