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Speedometer v1.2.4a for GTA 5

Author: Zagruzka, Views: 1 162, Date: 4-11-2016, 20:30
  • Speedometer v1.2.4a for GTA 5
  • Game: GTA V / GTA V other mods
  • Authors: LeFix
  • Tested version: v1.0.877.1
  • Description about Speedometer v1.2.4a for GTA 5:

    Speedometer v1.2.4a for GTA 5 game.


    LeFix Speedometer
    -development stopped-


    1. Install ScriptHookV
    2. Copy the *.asi and the LeFixSpeedo folder into the Grand Theft Auto V main folder.
    3. Please read the ingame mod info.
    4. Set the settings to your preferences:
      -Using the mod menu (Recommended, by default F10).
      -Manually by editing the .ini files (for advanced users).

    bugfix: fuel hud stayed visible after driving car once, even after entering another vehicle without fuel
    -reworked gear display for ikt transmission mod
    (better flickering, top gear slightly red, correct when engine is off)
    -mod menu info is now always visible (can be disabled)
    -bugfix: GTA V update changed rpm/gear addresses
    -better compatibility with ikt's Manual Transmission Mod (gear display matches 100%)
    -handbrake notification as 'N' on gear display togglable now
    -bugfix: speedo disappeared while driving with mouse
    -bugfix: improved characterwheel detection (no more bugs using dpad)
    -changed name of fuel hud pictures
    (now matches the decorator name)
    -fuel hud will be visible if at least one of the three decorators is modified by an external mod
    -minor bugfix: 'Use high speedo' isn't saved correctly
    -bugfix: didn't fade out hud when using mobile phone in helis/planes
    -bugfix: HUD fades out with ikt's update of 'Manual Transmission' mod installed.
    -Removed fuel setting. Auto-detects if external fuel mod shares its data.
    -bugfix: didn't switched to next speedo background if max velocity is reached
    -added shift up/down indicator (pictures and flashing gear/leds)
    -got rid of gameversion setting
    -bugfix: acceleration time not displayed properly
    (digit gap was dependent of screen resolution)
    -bugfix: gear showed desired gear
    (almost always same value as current gear)
    -gear isn't an estimation anymore
    -updated to latest version of ScriptHookV
    -added fuel test.asi and source
    -bugfix: only deacceleration test worked
    -added acceleration test
    bugfix: white damage indicator
    -added support of Smart Fuel Mod V [Pertamina] Mod
    -added three real life brands as example
    -changed size of brand images (same as speedo background now)
    -more brand logos
    -bugfix: couldn't navigate in 'Toggle HUD'
    -bugfix: wrong needle rotation
    -changed default background of muscle cars back to 180mph
    -brand logo added
    -cleaned mod menu
    -finished reorganisation of inis
    -better support for vehicle mods

    Contact Me
    For bug reports:


    Tested in game version 1.0.877.1




    Screenshots Mod
    Speedometer v1.2.4a for GTA 5

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