Speedometer v1.1 by LeFix for GTA 5

Speedometer v1.1 by LeFix for GTA 5
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8 October 2015
Category - GTA V / GTA V other mods
Version - v1.0.393.4XMODmachine4578
Credits: - Alexander Blade
Description about Speedometer v1.1 by LeFix for GTA 5:

LeFix Speedometer

  • Various analog speedometers for all vehicles.
  • Gear and damage indicator and RPM gauge for cars/motorcycles.
  • Vertical speed gauge for planes/helicopters.
  • Miles per hour and Kilometers per hour option (Knots for boats and planes).
  • Many placement and appearance options.
  • Optional fadeout for first person view.
  • Ingame mod menu.

The screenshots show some different settings.
Open mod menu with F10 (default, changable).
You can edit the images so that the speedometer looks different.
Filenames and sizes must to be unchanged to work properly.
Share your work with other users or with me.



    1. Install ScriptHookV
    2. Copy the *.asi, the *.ini, and the LeFixSpeedo folder into the Grand Theft Auto V main folder.
    3. Please read the README too, it will help you configure everything.
    4. Set the settings to your preferences:
      -Using the mod menu (Recommended).
      -Manually by editing the .ini (for advanced users).



For a correctly working RPM gauge and gear indicator the setting Gameversion at General has to bet set to 350 if your gameversion is below 39x.x, otherwise it has to be 390.

-bugfix: no velocity needle in planes when vertical speed is shown
-bugfix: doesn't save extra gauge position correctly
-Gameversion setting more understandable (text changed)
-Added optional RPM LEDs (F1 like).
-Added hint if gameversion is set wrong.
-Correct fade out while using the internet.
-Improved code for needle color (primary vehicle color).
-Added train support (Railroad Engineer recommended).
-Added mod menu (save, load, change settings).
-Added vertical speed gauge for airplanes.

I don't expect anyone to donate, but if you want to do so I really appreciate your support. As a student small donations help a lot.

Contact Me
For bug reports, suggestions, feature requests, and help: gaming@die-optimisten.net

Alexander Blade,
XMOD, and


Screens / Videos
Speedometer v1.1 by LeFix for GTA 5 Speedometer v1.1 by LeFix for GTA 5 Speedometer v1.1 by LeFix for GTA 5

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