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Improved freight train v3.5 for GTA 5

Author: admin, Views: 5 181, Date: 19-07-2015, 01:57
  • Improved freight train v3.5 for GTA 5
  • Game: GTA V / GTA V other mods
  • Authors: Walter
  • Tested version: v09.3.15, v4.13.15
  • Description about Improved freight train v3.5 for GTA 5:

    Active bug: The tram tracks are bugged, and trams might spawn going backwards, not stopping at stations correctly. A fix is on it's way.
    This mod will alter how the game spawns trains, making them longer and with more engines. Optional traincar reskins are included. Works best with J10's Railroad Engineer mod, and my New train sounds mod.

    NOTE: The superfreight trains are still one-car-type-for-ten-miles setups, please forgive me for this, I'm trying to do my best with this mod.


    • Different train spawning system. The game can spawn up to four engine trains, aswell as single engines. The longest train is about 80 cars long.
    • Train reskins.
      • Freight engine - Union Pacific
      • Boxcar - Union Pacific
      • Container car 1 - Maersk
      • Tanker car - Black metal texture
    • The trains now stop at stations like they do in GTAOnline. They also stop at new stations all around LS!


    • Once carcols.metadata is editable, remove markings from freight trains and change default colors.

    NEW! V3.5: Slightly modified engine texture.

    V3.4: I've removed the custom sounds, and uploaded them in a seperate mod. Trams are now also revamped, and you might see a freight in the city.

    V3.3: More stations that the train will stop at! A few notes on that:
    - The trains are a bit buggy, the longer trains will not move from stations, and some trains might run through them without stopping.
    - Multiple engine trains' engines will open their doors, aswell as container cars.
    So, yeah, use at your own risk. Oh, and I forgot to add to the install notes:
    Replace trains1.dat in common.rpf->data->levels->gta5 with the one provided!

    V3.2: Even more custom horns! (removed)

    V3.1: Custom horn! (removed)

    V3.0: Phew. That took a while. I've rewritten ALL train configs, they now look very good, and the mod now has more options to choose from. You can now have flatcars in your trains, if you wish to board them like that. I've included an "even faster" speed for the trains, so they seem like they're actually moving somewhere. So, have fun!

    V2.5: New file: "traintracks.xml" I've included two train speeds, one faster than normal, and one unchanged.

    V2.4: Recolored the interior of the train.

    V2.3: Fixed a flipped model.

    V2.2: Removed paranormal activity. (Fixed floating train.)

    V2.1: Fixed the engine texture being outdated.

    V2.0: I've completely rewritten most of the train configs. I made them longer, and more mixed. No new train configs or reskins this time.

    V1.2: Both the .xml files now keep all of the default train configs intact, while making them not spawn randomly. This should fix the mission problems.

    V1.1: Added boxcar and tankcar recolors (both optional)and updated engine recolor. Also added a "single engine" version.
    New train setups:

    • A setup has been added with one engine pushing 11 cars.

    The mission trains should be fixed now. Feedback is still appriciated.
    Edit:The trains are working now!


    Screenshots Mod
    Improved freight train v3.5 for GTA 5 Improved freight train v3.5 for GTA 5 Improved freight train v3.5 for GTA 5

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