Spider-Man Mod V v2.0.1 for GTA 5

Spider-Man Mod V v2.0.1 for GTA 5
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3 January 2018
Category - GTA V / GTA V other mods
Version - v1.0.877.1
Credits: - sollaholla, jedijosh920
Description about Spider-Man Mod V v2.0.1 for GTA 5:

Spider-Man Mod V v2.0.1 for GTA 5 game.


  • LATEST GTA V VERSION & prior modding knowledge ???? ( I cannot and will not help you if your game version is below 1180.1)
  • Download NAudio.dll and place it in your scripts folder.


  • Web shooter
  • More suit modes and special ability modes.
  • More ambient actions (upside down web hanging etc.)


Normal Controls

    • [F10] = Open Menu
    • [R] (Reload) = Web Zip
    • [Left Mouse Button] (Attack) = Web Swing / Attack
    • [C] (Look Behind) = Roll
    • [Tab] (Weapon Wheel) = Ability Wheel
    • [E] (Context) = Wall Crawl
    • [F] (Vehicle Enter) = Pickup Vehicles + [Left Mouse Button] to throw, or [F] again to put them down.
    • [X] (Parachute Smoke) = Attach Web To an Entity.
    • [Caps Lock] (Special Ability) = Slow Motion (Spider Sense).
    • [G] (Grenade) = Throw Grenade/Projectile


    • [R] (Reload) Hold = Swing on flying vehicles.

Web Attachment Controls

    • (Controls While Web is Attached to Entity)

    • [Left Mouse Button] (Attack) = Web Pull
    • [Space] (Jump) = Web Rodeo
    • [X] (Parachute Smoke) = Start Web Attachment / Attach Entity to Map & Objects

For controller users, you may want to change your parachute smoke button to a different one than A.


  • Tap Attack/LMB on the map (not objects) to grapple yourself towards that point.
  • Hold Attack/LMB on a ped, object, or vehicle then release to grapple the enemy towards you. Remember that you face the direction you want to throw them.
  • Hold Attack/LMB on a ped, object, or vehicle then right click on any part of the map (that's near the ped, object, or vehicle your web is attached to) to hang that object from a web.
  • While in the air and near buildings hold down Jump/Space to start web swinging.
  • To wall climb press ContextButton/E when in front of the surface of a building.
  • Hold Jump/Space when your web is attached to a vehicle, object, or ped to do a rodeo attack and swing your enemies around.
  • Press SpecialAbility/CapsLock to start and disable spidey sense.
  • Press ContextMenu/M to change your super attack.
  • Press Numpad9 (configurable) to disable the mod.
  • Press O (configurable) to disable web shooters.
  • Press Jump/Space to rebalance yourself wall falling or ragdoll on the ground.
  • Press R/LightMelee when near & looking at a ped/vehicle to do a combo move (there are 3 initial combo moves)


    • 2.0

    • Initial Release

    • 2.1
  • Add more combat settings to options.
  • Changed melee to require you to be looking in the general direction of the entity you want to hit (so that you don't randomly punch something on accident) (configurable)
  • Removed automatic swing detach when you reach 90 degrees (you can turn it back on in the settings).


    • 1.0a

    • Fixed spider-sense not working.

    • 1.1

    • 2 new super abilities. You can change abilities using the "N" key.
    • Fixed some issues with crashing.
    • Fixed a lot of really strange bugs, with jittering animations during wall climb, webs getting stuck on players hand, etc.
    • Added full support for Julio's menu (so that keycodes will not respond if his menu is being opened or closed).
    • Added support for Julio Green Goblin script (still a bit buggy check ini for some new values)
    • Added new configurable keys and other values to .ini file.

    • 1.1a

    • General bug fixes related to animations, and physics.
    • Smoothed out some of the animations.
    • Web swinging is now just a little bit slower and longer.
    • If you hit a wall while web swinging you will ragdoll.
    • You can press space/jump while ragdolling in the air to re-balance yourself.

    • 1.1a1

    • Fixed small bug making the player fall when grappling to close to the ground.

    • 1.1a2

    • Fixed weird ragdoll bug where the player would ragdoll after falling off a building, also removed debug info showing on screen (sorry about that).

    • 1.2

    • Added ability to put peds into an arrested state (still a wip).
    • Fixed animation jittering with player.
    • Added ability to attach object / peds / vehicles together with webs.
    • Added more configurable options to ini (such as web swing and grapple cooldowns).

    • 1.2a

    • Added some optimizations and crash stability.
    • You can't grapple if the you're on the ground and the direction to the grapple point is lower than the players position.
    • Fixed teleporting speed bug with RPH.
    • Added configurable values for jump and grapple speeds.

    • 1.2a1

    • Fixed some issues with slow-mo and grapple force.
    • Added more configurable options for web swinging.
    • Made default values for swing speed and radius reduced for a longer swing.
    • Fixed ragdoll and god-mode being enabled after mod get's disabled.
    • Added option to ini that allows you to set the mod disabled by default.

    • 1.2b

    • Added wall run.
    • Fixed invincibility glitch.
    • Added a force applied to the player after swinging so you don't just fall.

    • 1.2b1

    • Fixed velocity bug flinging character into air after web-swinging.

    • 1.3
  • Added new combo ability, check controls for more info. This includes car deformation (s/o to @stillhere for some help on that).
  • Fixed rolling animation, should be much smoother now and blend in with the players movement.
  • Made it easier to swing lower to the ground, whenever you're low to the ground and after you jump just tap space and you will do a quick swing.
  • Added NativeUI menu system to select abilities, since people where requesting that.
  • Added a "chargeable" jump system. Hold space to charge the jump and release when ready to jump.

Tested in game version v1.0.877.1


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Spider-Man Mod V v2.0.1 for GTA 5 Spider-Man Mod V v2.0.1 for GTA 5 Spider-Man Mod V v2.0.1 for GTA 5

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