Extended Camera Settings v1.1.2 for GTA 5

Extended Camera Settings v1.1.2 for GTA 5
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15 June 2017
Category - GTA V / GTA V other mods
Version - v1.0.944
Credits: - CamxxCore
Description about Extended Camera Settings v1.1.2 for GTA 5:

Extended Camera Settings v1.1.2 for GTA 5 game.


Serving as the successor to my previous (deprecated) mod "POV Camera Unlocker", this plugin provides various customizable options for the in- game cameras, allowing you to unlock many of the default limits set in place by R*.

ScriptHookV - http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (2015) - https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/download/details.aspx?id=48145

Important Info
If you are experiencing problems you may need to change permissions on your game folder so that the mod can save settings properly.
To do this:

1. Right click the Grand Theft Auto V folder and scroll down to properties
2. Uncheck the "readonly" box and click apply
3. Click OK to apply the changes to all subfolders and files

Move ExtendedCameraSettings.asi to your GTA installation folder.

Default Keybinds
Save camera settings: Control + B
Reload camera settings : F11


How to save and load settings for the current vehicle or ped

1. Open ExtendedCameraSettings.ini and ensure "UseCustomPresets" is set to "true". If it is false, you will need to reload the game to see effect.

2. Modify the camera using the in-game menu or optionally, manually add a new entry in CameraPresets.xml.

3. Save the settings using the assigned keybind. If all went well, you will see a notification and hear a sound.

4. To modify the current settings, you can either use the menu or manually change CameraPresets.xml

5. Press the key to reload settings to see the changes reflected in-game. If sucessful, you will see a notification, in addition to the result of whatever changes were made to the camera.

How to add a new entry to CameraPresets.xml

1. First open the included "CameraPresets.defaults.xml" file. This file is included as a reference for the default values of all camera settings that can be accessed with this mod. It is also meant to provide a reference for how to format new entries in the XML file.

2. Create a new entry in CameraPresets.xml following the same format as in the reference, except replacing the default model name with that of the desired vehicle or ped you wish to modify the settings for.

3. Add a new metadata entry with the presets you want to change. It is important to specify the right type. For example, the camCinematicMountedCameraMetadata type is specifically related to the first- person camera of vehicles. Specifying this metadata type with the model name of a ped would not provide the desired behaviour.

4. Save the file and use the reload settings key to update the settings to the game.


Changes in v1.1.2:

  • Fix menu options not working after a game reload
  • Settings in the menu update based on the current camera configuration

Tested in game version v1.0.944


Extended Camera Settings v1.1.2 for GTA 5 Extended Camera Settings v1.1.2 for GTA 5

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