Real Life Mod 2 (Beta version) for GTA 5

Real Life Mod 2 (Beta version) for GTA 5
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18 May 2017
Category - GTA V / GTA V other mods
Version - v1.0.944
Credits: - Konijima
Description about Real Life Mod 2 (Beta version) for GTA 5:

Real Life Mod 2 (Beta version) for GTA 5 game.


Come talk about RLM2 on Discord, have an idea, need help we can help you here:

Every system is editable in the .ini file that come preset to the default values.

Be Wounded:
Disabled Health regeneration, can be re-enabled.
When your Health reach 25% your character slow down and walk with injuries animation, time slow down to 80% and you have this adrenaline rush before you die!

*** UPDATED ***
WeaponAreForbidden: Now most of all weapon are forbidden, but the distance cops can see the weapon depend on it's size and the amount of stars it gives is between 1 to 2 depending the size also. There is a setting to make the cops able to see the weapons you carry. But should only be used with the Pickup mod which let you see the holstered weapons.

OneStarTimeScale: When you are being arrested at 1 star, time slow-down and you can decide to aim with your gun, you will have 8 second of slow motion to kill the coppers.

CarEngineControl: Hold the exit vehicle key a bit longer to stop the engine, otherwise you exit and let the engine running.

FPSOnly: You can force First Person Camera for immersion, you can configure if the camera should be forced for each vehicle type. [On_Foot, On_Bicycle, In_Car, In_Boat, On_MotorBike, In_Plane, In_Helicopter, In_CargoBob]

FPSAimingNoHud: You can disable HUD while aiming, working with sniper overlay too.

OnFootNoRadar: Disable the radar when on foot, the radar will appear once you are fully sitting in a vehicle and the engine's running.

Unzip into the 'scripts' folder.

- ScriptHookV.dll
- ScriptHookVDotNet.asi


Tested in game version v1.0.944



Real Life Mod 2 (Beta version) for GTA 5 Real Life Mod 2 (Beta version) for GTA 5 Real Life Mod 2 (Beta version) for GTA 5

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