PC Trainer V (Official) v1.2 for GTA 5

PC Trainer V (Official) v1.2 for GTA 5
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2 May 2017
Category - GTA V / GTA V other mods
Version - v1.0.944
Credits: - Evil Blunt, Three-Socks
Description about PC Trainer V (Official) v1.2 for GTA 5:

PC Trainer V (Official) v1.2 for GTA 5 game.


Update: We are no longer adding new features but I have built and uploaded the latest code we have since 1.1 (see changes below). Some of it is untested so let me know if you find any bugs and i'll try my best to fix them - Three-Socks.

Console Trainer V has finally come to pc.

Download and install Alexander Blade's Script Hook V

- Place inside your GTAV install directory.

pc_trainer_v.ini (optional)
- Place inside in C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\pc_trainer.ini.
(The trainer will create one automatically with default settings if not found)

speedometers.ytd (optional)
- Add into script_txds.rpf located in update.rpf using OpenIV
\Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\x64\textures\script_txds.rpf\

(XBOX Controller or Keyboard & Mouse)

-Open/Close the menu using (RB + DPAD LEFT or N key) or edit C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\pc_trainer.ini to define your own keyboard bind.
-Navigate menu (DPAD or Scroll Arrows, mouse)
-Select option (A or Enter)
-Go back (B or Backspace)

Fully supports gamepad, mouse & keyboard
A full animation player for your player and bodyguards
Object Peds/Vehicles choose from a variety of custom made vehicles with objects attached to them.
Object spawner either use with gamepad or keyboard.
Create a custom camera and attach it to the bones of player or set a custom offset and sync it to the player coordinates and game cameras rotation.
Texture Viewer
Customise any vehicle to your liking.
Save custom vehicles.

Full Features
Animation Player (Play all ingame animations)
Animation Clipsets (choose between a variaty of movement clipsets)
Animation Facial (Player moods)

Audio & Video
Video Player (Play the tv channels from the menu)
Mobile Radio (Play the radio while on foot)

Spawn Bodyguard (Spawn all available ped models)
Appearence (Change the peds Appearence)
Accessories (Change the peds props/accessories)
Animation Player (Play all ingame animations on bodyguards)
Bodyguard Options (Delete bodyguards, change group formation and spacing, give weapons, change visibility and teleport them to you).
Max Bodyguards (Set the amount of bodyguards from 1-7)

Custom Camera
Top down view (Camera looking down on the player)
Create a custom camera and attach it to the bones of player or set a custom offset and sync it to the player coordinates and game cameras rotation.

Map Mods
Load IPL Game maps.

North Yankton
Load/Unload North Yankton.

Object Ped/Vehicles
Load up custom made vehicles with objects attached to them by Cerberus and player models with objects attached to bones by Evil Blunt.

Object Spawner (Supports controller and mouse/keyboard)
Spawn Object/Ped/Vehicle models and place them anywhere you want or attach them to your player/vehicle.
(Theres models which wont spawn they have been left in for now until i figure out why).

Change Model (Choose from all available ped models)
Appearence (Change your current models appearence)
Accessories (Change your current models props/accessories)
Explosion on player
Health (Give full health, give full armour, set invincible or set players proofs)
Special (Turn on/off main models special abilities or set it to infinite)
Unlimited Deadeye (Like red dead redemptions deadeye, Original concept by JDMAlex)
Visibility (Change the player visibility and alpha levels)
Wanted (Set player max/min wanted level or never wanted etc)
Weapons (Give your player weapons)
Settings (Choose players run speed, swim speed and super jump and more)

Teleport to preset locations/waypoint/1-15ft in front or teleport to custom coordinates of your choice or to nearest vehicle.

Texture Viewer
View ingame textures from the script_txds.rpf and dlcs.

Spawn Vehicle (Choose from all available models including dlc)
Customise (Customise vehicle models to your liking)
Extras (Change the vehicles extras if it has any)
Respray (Change vehicles colours, tire smoke etc)
Health (Fix vehicle, set invincible or set vehicles proofs)
Modify (Open/Close or remove the vehicles doors, set the lights, change vehicle number plate and engine sounds)
Multipliers (Change the vehicles acceleration, brakes and handling etc)
Speedometers (Needs custom txd to work, will be changed over to loading png eventually)
Vehicle Weapons (Shoot rockets, lasers etc)
Visibility (Change the vehicle visibility and alpha levels)

World & Game
Display Options (Display coordinates of player/vehicle or display the game cameras coordinates)
Gravity Options (Set player/vehicle gravity)
Hud & Radar Options (Hid the hud & radar or choose what to hide)
Disable Pause (Disables the pause menu)
Stat Editor (Change various stats for the main models)
Time (Adjust the time, set day/night 24/7, freeze time, sync system time and change the time scale)
Traffic & Ped (set the traffic on/off etc)
Unlock Achievements
Weather (change the games weather and change the timecycle modifiers)

Menu Options
Menu Position (Change the menu from left or right position)
Menu Fonts (Change the header or menu items font)
Menu Colours (Change various parts of the menu to a different colours)
Menu Sound Effects (Turn the menus sound effects on/off)
Menu Notifications (Turn the menu notifications on/off)
Player Action Mode (Turn player action mode on/off. Action mode means you can move faster while the menu is open)
Menu Open/Close Input (Change menu open/close controller or keyboard bind)
Startup Defaults (Change the menus startup settings edit C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\pc_trainer.ini to define your own)
Draw Tool
Shortcut Keys
Reset Menu (reset the menu to its default settings)

Shortcut Keys
-Unlimited Dead Eye (While aiming press RSTICK or LCTRL)
-Vehicle Boost (Click LSTICK or E)
-Vehicle Weapons Shoot (RB or E)


- Added support for update 1.0.1011.1.
- Support for spawning new dlc vehicles.
- Updated disable controller shortcuts and mobile disable.
- DLC vehicles and ped models.
- Save/Load vehicles.
- Added in halloween weather and latest timecycle modifiers.
- Added latest textures from cunning stunts and Bikers dlc.
- Added support for more listing of dlc vehicles in spawner.
- Added weapons components.
- Added parachute tints and parachute smoke trails
- Player keeps weapons/components when changing models.
- Menu base updates and bug fixes.


- Added more IPL Maps with teleports.
- Texture viewer sprites scale from screen resolution.
- Custom model input (bodyguards, player models, object spawner, vehicle spawn, and engine sound).
- Save last custom vehicle model input.
- Increased max models (Objects 1500, Peds 250, Vehicle 250).
- Bodyguards are now properly removed from the player group when the bodyguard dies.
- Bodyguards & Object spawners blips will show their number and bodyguard blip changed to friend sprite.
- Bodyguards will now spawn into vehicle with player if seat is available and bodyguard camera wont turn on if the bodyguard is in vehicle.
- Added load online map to map mods menu and teleport menu (Aircraft carrier, Yacht, Police Station, Benny's Garage).
- Animation player options, stop animation on menu exit, default animation flag.
- Facial Animations (moods)
- Teleport to nearest vehicle.
- Benny's vehicle mods.
- Added power and torque to the vehicle multiplier menu
- Disable vehicle balance control, set heli/plane out of control.
- Revamped vehicle door open/close/remove in vehicle modify menu.
- Set vehicle dirt level, vehicle siren.
- Added latest dlc ped models.
- Added lowrider2 dlc weapons to give all.
- Compiled using VS2013 instead of VS2015 for better compatibility.
- Keyboard inputs no longer closes when the menu open/close input is pressed.
- String keyboard inputs can be opened when the enter action is pressed and the string is blank instead of using open keyboard action (space/X).
- Removed duplicate timecycle menu.
- Changed bool menu item non-selected sprite.
- Added time check to some model loads - stops infinite loading on invalid models.
- Set vehicle on ground properly.
- Removed menu number keyboard input max limit.
- Remove last shown notification when drawing a new one.
- Code refactoring.

- All models can now be spawned in object spawner - Thanks to GTAMultiplayer Team
- Add DLC vehicles to change engine sound.

- Added support for update 1.0.678.1.
- Set global var to stop game from deleting mplowrider2 dlc vehicles.
- Added new dlc weapons.

- Added support for update 1.0.617.1.

- Added support for update 1.0.573.1.
- Added support for more dlc vehicles in spawn menu. Fixes menu crash when opening DLC2.

- Added support for update 1.0.505.2 (disable phone & recording shortcuts).

- Added support for update 1.0.463.1 (disable phone & recording shortcuts).
- Added Player Action Mode setting to menu options.
- Never fly through windshield vehicle setting.
- Fixed never fall off bike.
- Fix menu_confirm message not showing when menu notifications are disabled.
- Added fast run/swim to startup defaults menu.
- Added current cash to stat editor.
- Added draw benchmark fps.
- Fix ini load bug when reloading or starting a new game.
- Minor fixes.

- Added menu open/close input in Menu Options.
- Fixed infinite loading after using model changer while dead or being arrested.
- Reset cursor position when menu is opened.
- Disabled phone and recording shortcuts showing while in menu.
- Menu open/close input hold delay no longer tied to fps.
- Added a confirm before the menu reset option.

Alexander Blade - Script research, Script Hook V.
Sasuke - Script research.
XBLToothPik - Script research.
Zorg93 - Script research. Console script high level decompiler.

Object Vehicles

Teleport Locations


Testing & Help
PC version:

Console version:
Adaaaa - baby_blue_6_4 - KranK_ModZ - RaYRoD - ResistTheEarth - Slinkyy


Tested on game version v1.0.944


PC Trainer V (Official) v1.2 for GTA 5

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