Iron Man (Tony Stark House) v2.1 for GTA 5

Iron Man (Tony Stark House) v2.1 for GTA 5
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4 June 2016
Category - GTA V / GTA V maps
Version - v1.0.678.1
Credits: - tomybk
Description about Iron Man (Tony Stark House) v2.1 for GTA 5:

Ironman/Tony Stark House
Very detailed on both floors,but house i designed on my way because map editor dont offer alot objects what you can use and what i need.
►I spend 2 months to build this,few day only to find perfect location, then few days to google for pictures, then watching again all 3 parts of Ironman movies lol .... and then i start build this project.
►House have over 1400 objects (from bricks, cement blocks, pillars, rocks, plants and etc)
► 4 vehicles in garage.
► 3 Ironman suits in garage (WarMachine,Original and grey one prototype of mark III

1) Install Map editor from Guadmaz:
2) copy my objectlist.ini file into scripts folder
p.s. dont worry i have over 53k objects,and its better then original one what you get with map editor
3) From folder "Ironman House map" copy file name "ironman.xml" to your Gta 5 directory
p.s. upgrade ver. 2.0 bring two houses, so i give you choice:
- with cars in garage "ironman.xml"
- without cars in garage "ironman2.xml"
4) Ironman suits/statues:
Copy all files from folders "Ironman suits-statues" and paste into

Ironman suits credit: and

Note for Youtubers: if you will record video about this please credit me.
►YouTube :

1) When is raining,house dont hold water,so that mean when you are in house rain falls through house lol i dont know why,i am not expert in this,i just love build things :)
2) when is night you will have FPS drop alot,about 15fps, i think that is because alot objects in one place,but i am not sure,if anyone know please comment about this. p.s. i have newest I5 intel cpu generation,and 8gb ddr4 memory but have old graphic card 2gb radeon r7 240 and maybe she is problem.
►Upgrade 2.1
-Garage entrance is little wider now,and little constructed better to you can easly drive in with vehicles.
(p.s. original Tony Stark garage dont have garage door,trust me i watch all 3 movies and slow motion some scenes to see this details)

►Upgrade 2.0
Added 3 Ironman suits/statues
You have now on choice two houses
1) with cars in garage "ironman.xml"
2) without cars in garage "ironman2.xml"
New entrance - wider and better
Added in garage: alot eletronic stuff and devices and even Ironman parts all over one table.
Added in the house: more furniture, gym stuff


Iron Man (Tony Stark House) v2.1 for GTA 5 Iron Man (Tony Stark House) v2.1 for GTA 5 Iron Man (Tony Stark House) v2.1 for GTA 5

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