Base Military Secret v1.01 for GTA 5

Base Military Secret v1.01 for GTA 5
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16 October 2015
Category - GTA V / GTA V maps
Version - v1.0.393.4
Credits: - Twiz
Description about Base Military Secret v1.01 for GTA 5:

The Merryweather Cave Base is located on the east coast of San Andreas in a cave near the Palmer-Taylor Power Station (Map included to the right). The base features a very self sustainable and hidden base running on oil from a nearby pump jack. The main entrance to this base is via boat or also helicopter/hydra. Inside you can find:
- a surveillance and Research/Computer Room
- mission briefing zone
- storage
- vehicle repair area
- vehicle refueling station
- aircraft carrier
and various other locations and clutter.

This base will work at both day and night. The included lights make the base look really awesome at night. Please keep the weather on ExtraSunny otherwise waves could get too high in some areas.

Map Properties:
- 968 Props
- 73 NPC all with their own tasks. (They respect you so they will help defend against intruders. e.g. Cops)
- 16 vehicles

1) Install the Map Editor by Guadmaz (installation instruction provided on the mod page).
2) Move the provided .xml file from the .rar into your GTA root directory.
3) When ingame press F7 and select load map.
4) Input merryweathercavebase and hit enter.

You may notice that some props do not load in until you get close to them. This is because the props were not originally meant to be here in the standard game and are not optimised properly.

Change Log
- Added 34 New props to add extra detail
- Fixed floating objects
- Made some boxes in the storage area Dynamic
- Stopped a few NPCs from running when you shoot

Please do not upload the files to this website or any other websites.




Base Military Secret v1.01 for GTA 5 Base Military Secret v1.01 for GTA 5 Base Military Secret v1.01 for GTA 5

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