77 Bikes Add-On Compilation Pack v1.0 for GTA 5

77 Bikes Add-On Compilation Pack v1.0 for GTA 5
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27 April 2016
Category - GTA V / GTA V cars
Version - v1.0.678.1
Credits: - kizacudo
Description about 77 Bikes Add-On Compilation Pack v1.0 for GTA 5:

This is beta version of pack and it will be certainly updated later with newer versions, and some other vehicles. All vehicles converted and created by authors listed bellow. Pack assembled after 4 days by kizacudo. If you want more detailed informations and original bike files, search links on this site by bike name and download originals for your collection.

1. You must first copy folder with the DLC archive to mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/
2. Then you must BACKUP your update.rpf to your in game temp folder or rename it.
3. First step is to add ''zbike'' as last entry to dlclist.xml. Extract dlclist.xml from your update.rpf/common/data/ by OpenIV and edit the file with text editor, copy the last line and rename dlc name as zbike.
4. For most systems, first 3 steps would be enough, but if it doesn't work on yours, extract with OpenIV extratitleupdatedata.meta and copy and add the whole last entry and retype zbike over last dlc names.
5. If that was not enough, create directory in update.rpf/dlc_list/zbike and extract content.meta file with OpenIV from root of the DLC itself. Copy content.meta to newly created directory zbike.
6. To spawn vehicle use ZBikes list from AddOnCarSpawner by I'm Not MentaL included in addon pack, or create new trainer entries from data from this text. Press F8 and choose ZBikes list first and then the vehicle of your choice.
7. Gameconfig is one of the most important things. If you didn't edit yours, you can use my appropriate version and overwrite it in update.rpf/common/data/.

ZBike vehicles add-on pack [beta] by various authors:
Bike name by Author (file name) [M] Modkit ID number


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77 Bikes Add-On Compilation Pack v1.0 for GTA 5 77 Bikes Add-On Compilation Pack v1.0 for GTA 5 77 Bikes Add-On Compilation Pack v1.0 for GTA 5

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