Fliegl Gigant ASW 268 v1 for Fs17

Fliegl Gigant ASW 268 v1 for Fs17
FS 17
+2 2
4 February 2017
Version - 1.3.x
Credits: - Klawkalash, Cougii
Description about Fliegl Gigant ASW 268 v1 for Fs17:
Trailer Fliegl Gigant ASW 268 v1 for Farming Simulator 2017
Note from the Author(s)

Here is the Fliegl Gigant ASW 268!
The one or the other has been waiting for this trailer
This Fliegl Abschiebewagen dumps his load by being pushed back out of the trailer. 

The advantage over a standard tipper is that the Fliegl out requires no further place to top.

Contents of version 1:
Two selectable tire treads: Agricultural Profile / Tractor Profile
Two selectable designs: Fliegl Green / Black Fliegl
A steering axis
Color choice for the rim
The Hächselklappe can be moved
The drawbar is also adjustable
It can be charged and deported logs and hay bales
Loading capacity: 32000 liters
Purchase price standard: 32150 Euro

Small, insignificant error in passing:
When pushing the Fillplane looks slightly out to the side.
The Abladeanimation the Fillplane’s something funny.
When unloading on the front sight the Fillplane looking through through the sliding plate.

Modell: GIANTS/LS2011, Klawkalash, Cougii
Texturen: Klawkalash, Cougii
Tester Singleplayer: KingQuantum, Cougii
Tester Multiplayer: Joe_Matthew, Malle, Cougii

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Fliegl Gigant ASW 268 v1 for Fs17

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