Work RPM v1.3

Work RPM v1.3
FS 17
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14 March 2018
Version - 1.5
Credits: - kenny456,
Description about Work RPM v1.3:

This mod increases motor RPM when using hydraulics tools (moving tools), tipping, unfolding, lifting or rotating implement etc. and show RPM Hud.
RPM increase at 1600 rpm when moving your moving tools by default.
You can set work rpm or deactivate work rpm for any action in your VEHICLE XML file adding this line:
"<WorkRPM allowTurnedOn='false' allowFolding='false' allowTipping='false' allowRotating='false' allowLifting='false' allowPipeFolding='false'>2400</WorkRPM>".
By default, every option is set to 'true' and RPM is set to 1600, when you dont add this line.

If you find any errors or issues, let me know in comments or to and i will fix it in next version.

- added increase RPM when lifting implements attached to 3-point, which have no foldable spec. (some plows, weights, cultivators..)
- added increase RPM when rotating attached implements (etc. plow)
- you can deactivate increasing RPM for any action in your vehicle xml file (see readme.txt in zip)
- fixed error on line 104 when you attach implement with 'foldable' specialization but with no folding animation (etc. Koeckerling Trio 300M, Amazone Cenius 3002)
- fixed error on line 281 when enter to enterable trailer with no attacher vehicle connected(etc. Stepa FHL 13 AK)

Screens / Videos
Work RPM v1.3 Work RPM v1.3 Work RPM v1.3

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