Wielmoza Map v2.1 (Final Edition) for FS 2015

Wielmoza Map v2.1 (Final Edition) for FS 2015
FS 15
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12 June 2016
Version - 1.4.1, 1.4.2
Credits: - VenTuriO
Description about Wielmoza Map v2.1 (Final Edition) for FS 2015:

At the outset, I would like to highlight that the map has been improved for the people who wrote to me on the church also do not write that it was almost done doing what people write to me and I look forward to their decisions
This is version Final

On the map are:
- 3 farms, each focused on a different activity
- Cows, chickens, sheep, pigs
- Feeding turn down in the barn
- Multi terrain
- Purchase of crops, trees
- Sales of pigs
- Buying seedlings
- Mod manure, liquid manure, lime v2
- Mod chopped
- Manure pushed out of the barn
- Traffic
- The movement of pedestrians
- Gates and doors opening to the key \\\\\\\ "A \\\\\\\" is not a zero
- Instructional icons where what and how
- Multi silo
- Lime drawn in a spoon
- Storage of beets, potatoes
- Mod water
- Watering sheep feeding
- Feeding wheat and water hens
- Sales of eggs
- Finance Sales wool
- Nicely shaped area
- Optimized map whizzes up nice
- Added oats to the map
- Large and small fields
- Reset machines
- Machinery for the start

What has changed:
- Added mud on the map (provided with got better in the lobby)
- Added a second piggery on the second farm
- Fixed trees slightly optimizations that load to some stopnnia distances which results in faster game
- Added to the PDA map numbers with the number of boxes on the wish of many players

Play your favorite game Regards
If you have questions, please write will certainly try to help
The ban map editing without my consent you have a problem, inquiry write!
Categorical prohibition of changing Link


Wielmoza Map v2.1 (Final Edition) for FS 2015

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