Farm City Map v1.1 for FS 2015

Farm City Map v1.1 for FS 2015
FS 15
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29 November 2015
Version - 1.2.0, 1.3.0, 1.3.1, 1.4.1
Description about Farm City Map v1.1 for FS 2015:

Here is my Farm City map, this map is a converted standard map.
The map has been changed according to my ideas!
There were working the fields, buildings have been added or replaced.

It came add new outlets (butcher, sugar factory, composting)
the cow pasture and sheep pasture (with a new sheepfold) were placed on the farm, cows and sheep are now among others. be supplied with water.
The BGA has been replaced (two bunkers), a slurry store has been installed above the farm.
Many new trees were planted and there are a couple of additional storage facilities have been added for your vehicles (partly from LS13).
Only the standard fruits available, if there should be a further version will probably also other fruits find their way on this map.
For the removal of the pigs and cattle you need an extra trailer to then be brought to the butcher.


The map has been extensively tested and the log is error-free!

You need the patch 2.1

I beg you höfflichst if you have downloaded the mod and satisfied since, to assess the mod also fair. For that, the rating system is there.

Required Mods: (For gates and doors work)

Optional Mods: (so that the goal of the installed mods also funtionieren) (for the transport of pigs and cattle) (To transport the manure to the manure storage)

For suggestions and healthy criticism, I am very grateful!



WasserMod,Schweinemast/Rindermast V3.2.7——-Marhu
Sägewerk v 1.1.0b——————————Marhu
Güllelager LS15——————————–Andy1978
Zuckerfabrik Nordzucker————————El Cid
Balestorage v 1.2——————————HenkieNL
Straßenschilder Set v 3.3.1——————–Nick98.1
Forgotten Plants_Texturen———————-Eribus
BGA V1.1—————————————Steinklopfer
Fleischer V1.2———————————möchtegernbauer/Pandahma
Knäckebrotfabrik v 1.0 ————————möchtegernbauer
Compost Master ModPack LS15——————–Farmer_Andy/Andy1978/Marhu
Förderband für Hackschnitzel v 1.1————-mariodieck
Lagerhalle v 1.0——————————-mariodieck
Unterstand v 1.0——————————-power74de
Industrial fences v 1.0————————FSmodding
Dichteres Gras———————————Bombastisch


Farm City Map v1.1 for FS 2015 Farm City Map v1.1 for FS 2015 Farm City Map v1.1 for FS 2015

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