SISU R500, C500 and C600 v1.2 [1.27.x]

SISU R500, C500 and C600 v1.2 [1.27.x]
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14 March 2017
Version - 1.27.x
Credits: - RJL (Fordsonmies)
Description about SISU R500, C500 and C600 v1.2 [1.27.x]:
Truck SISU R500, C500 and C600 v1.2 for Ets2 1.27.x game version

Content list and other features:
-R500, C500 and C600 models (difference between these models is only engine)
-Renault Normal Roof and High Roof cabins with or without spoiler
(these trucks has Renault cabins, if someone did not know)
-SISU interior with optional TomTom navigator
-SISU text in front is removable
-4x2, 6x2, 6x2/4, 6x2*4, 6x4, 8x2/*6, 8x4*4, 8x4/4, 10x4/6, 10x4*6 and 10x6/4 chassis
-Renault and Caterpillar engines + ZF and Eaton Fuller transmissions
-Changeable front bumper (high and low versions)
-Grab handles, pole lights, straight exhaust pipes and some other stuff
-AO-textures (Ambient Occlusion)
-Most of default paint jobs, bullbars and others works in this truck

Changelog v1.1.8 to v1.2:
-Updated the mod for 1.27 patch
-Adjusted differential ratios of Eaton Fuller transmissions to make them
more optimal for european highway speeds (80-90 km/h)
-Replaced 12-speed Optidrive with 12-speed ZF
-Random bug fixes

This mod has been tested in 1.27 without any other mods and it was working perfectly,
 game log is error free! Has not been tested in older versions of the game.

You can share this on other sites but KEEP ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINK AND CREDITS!
You can freely edit mod for personal use.
Publishing edited mod without my (RJL) permission is forbidden!
Screens / Videos
SISU R500, C500 and C600 v1.2 [1.27.x] SISU R500, C500 and C600 v1.2 [1.27.x] SISU R500, C500 and C600 v1.2 [1.27.x]

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