Scania 143M + Interior edit by Ekualizer for ETS 2 [1.24.x]

Scania 143M + Interior edit by Ekualizer for ETS 2 [1.24.x]
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16 June 2016
Version - 1.24.x
Description about Scania 143M + Interior edit by Ekualizer for ETS 2 [1.24.x]:

The Scania 3-series is a truck model range introduced in 1987 by Swedish truck manufacturer Scania.

It is the successor of the 2-series.The 3 series came in a range of different engine sizes and horsepower from 9.0 litre

230 horsepower all the way up to 14 litre V8 500 horsepower engine.

Production of the 3-series was stopped after the 4-series were introduced in 1997.


New update:


- The truck is completely autonomous.
- You can buy it from large Scania dealer.
- Specifications is taken from the original documentation
- Model is skinnable


Tested on 1.24.x game version


Scania 143M V8 engines sound mod

separately for engines:
DSC 11.13 360 r6
DSC 11.22 380 r6

DSC 14.06 400 v8
DSC 14.08 420 v8
DSC 14.10 450 v8 EURO I
DSC 14.04 470 v8

DSC 14.09 500 V8


Download sound mod: 

 Scania 143M V8 engines sound mod  or  Scania 143M V8 engines sound mod

Link of the Author:Scania 143M V8 engines sound mod


Authors: compiled various autors sounds mod


Scania 143m - National Window Flags - Compatibility Patch
1. DLC National Window Flags
2. Scania 143m - Edit by Ekualizer - [ patch - 1.24.x ]

Download Flags Mod:



Link of the Author:National_Window_Flags_-_Compatibility_Patch.scs.html



Features in ETS 2:
1 Adjust the mounting points for accessories
2 Append all the missing flares
3 Adding the possibility of painting the tractor
4 Writing a replica engines to be installed in this model
5 Append mirrors in three variants
6 Add the possibilities of painting kangaroos with cabin
7 Removed unnecessary wheel models
8 Added Scania for quick jobs
9 is an autonomous tractor unit available in the large lounge Scania (7 slot)
10 Adjustment of the price level as the car used
11 converted and credited the interior in two versions
12 Append missing matrixów
13 Gearboxes 10, 12, 12r
14 They work all mirrors
Added 15 points hook registration
16 Added on-board computer
17 added four types of cabs and chassis (finish)
18 raised slightly 4x2 chassis base
19 Added running counter gear
20 Added exhaust behind the cab as a tuning
21 Added dedicated bottomgrill
22 Added GPS, Cam DRV
23 Roof rack added as a separate part (only for models Josephine and Maggie)
24 slots for leds credited to the cabin (roofgrill)
Added backlight CB 25
Added 26 6X4 chassis
27 Wipers collect rain, in terms of its movement (thanks to the help of Moses)
28 Added chassis 6x2 / 4
29 Added chassis 6x6 H
30 markings on the cab compatible with your version of the engine
31 Added banner as a separate part
32 Added the ability to install luminous strings on the hood
33 sharpened image in mirrors
34 Removed Russian Members List
35. The tractor has its own independent camera with full compatibility with other mods
36. Added sideskirts
37. Added klmatyzację Waeco
38. Added interior fittings in the form of setups
39. Added a third interior "White Angel"
40. Added color interior illumination
41 Added side fairing on the glass in two variants
42 Added setups backlight (for cab)
43 redesigning the chassis Maggie in style Dutch



The authors base model :SCS, TSM Poland, rinat, NewTon, Anaheim, EED123, Sheryo
Heavy edit, and modeling some parts: Ekualizer

Screens / Videos
Scania 143M + Interior edit by Ekualizer for ETS 2 [1.24.x] Scania 143M + Interior edit by Ekualizer for ETS 2 [1.24.x] Scania 143M + Interior edit by Ekualizer for ETS 2 [1.24.x]

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