Penguins Trailer and CargoPack v3.6

Penguins Trailer and CargoPack v3.6
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4 December 2017
Version - 1.28.x,1.30.x
Credits: - Pengu
Description about Penguins Trailer and CargoPack v3.6:

 Penguins Trailer and CargoPack v3.6 for Ets2 1.28.x and 1.30.x game version

New Version 3.6 contains 350 standalone trailers of 337 companies with adequate cargos.

- 15 new trailer types
- 15 old trailers removed
- 2 old trailers re-designed

Find the names of removed trailers in ReadMe-file.


Since I've removed again some old trailers, after activatig my pack 3.5, you possibly will be set back to your homebase!

So, maybe you should finish your running tour first!

(By the way, that makes the new trailers directly available in freight market!)

Possible gamelog errors due to missing cargos of the removed trailers ('dangling-pointer-errors')

are gone when you start ETS2 next time.

Pack runs on Ets2 v. 1.28 + 1.30 beta and tolerates other trailer packs.

Tested in common with all Jazzycat packs.

Basics are SCS trailers 'KRONE ProfiLiner', 'CoolLiner', 'Fridge', 'Fuel-, 'Cement-' and 'Food-Cistern',

Rommi TZ Schmitz, MD-Modding Container and Fridge1, Matdom1988 Fridge und Fuel-Cistern,

Fruehauf IceLiner from Niksari Elitesquad Modz and Fuel-Tank by Fred_be.
Special thanks to KaLeu57, Brausetablette, Fr8i, sunrise, RudiRR, Reefer,

joberam and many others out of the communities for their know-how support and their suggestions!
Edited with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and ETS2 Studio.

*The pack consists of two 7zip files (001 and 002), which considerably reduces the amount of data to be downloaded!

Opening file 001 enables you to extract the complete scs-file.


It is allowed to offer my pack on other websites, BUT please, only referring to

my original download-links (!

That's the only way to ensure the archive is original and virus free!

Screens / Videos
Penguins Trailer and CargoPack v3.6 Penguins Trailer and CargoPack v3.6 Penguins Trailer and CargoPack v3.6

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