Mini Cargo Pack for BDFs in Ets2

Mini Cargo Pack for BDFs in Ets2
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15 May 2017
Version - 1.27.x
Credits: - iconRJ

Description about Mini Cargo Pack for BDFs in Ets2:

Mini Cargo Pack for BDFs in Ets2 game

Mini cargo pack for BDFs.
14 different types of loads.
*Work fine on with Jazzycat cargo pack.

Tested with:
Mercedes Antos by D3S Design
Mercedes Sprinter 2010 v 1.1 by GRM Modding
Mercedes Actros MPIII by MTP
BDF Tandem Truck Pack v61.0 by Flemming V
Mercedes 1853 by Ekualizer.

Bugs found, and I could not solve:
1-can not unload without being on automatic, when you reach the destination, press “Enter”,
because, the load is not recognized for discharge, but…
2-when to turn back, don’t unload, because the load will go to strange directions
3-I do not know if you can specify the load for a type of chassis, in the quick jobs,
but charges also appear to common chassis trucks.
4-does not work on trucks with very high trailer hook, I tested in the Ford Cargo by Frank,
and it was not possible to unload

Models: SCS and Jazzycat
Base: Flamming V
Special Thanks to Jazzycat and Flemming V for letting released their mods,
so I could learn how to load mods works.
скачать dle 12.0
Mini Cargo Pack for BDFs in Ets2 Mini Cargo Pack for BDFs in Ets2 Mini Cargo Pack for BDFs in Ets2

ETS 2 ATS FS 17 GTA 5 SpinTires TS 2017

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