Rudis Skin Mix for Ets2

Rudis Skin Mix for Ets2
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12 April 2018
Version - 1.30.x
Credits: - RudiRaser
Description about Rudis Skin Mix for Ets2:

Rudis Skin Mix for Ets2 1.30.x game version


This mod add skins for Kast Ekeri Tandems, + Ekeri Box at RJL´s Scania and Pendragons Volvo FH16.
Kast did so much possible combinations, so it was not easy for me to decide how to do it. 

Lets start with the base skins. I did 50 different skins. 
click here to see them all: ... PmUDHk.png
This skins you will find at the Tuck boxes, they are like the base.

Next i sorted all Tandem types in 5 groups. Every group use 10 from the 50 skins. 

1) Tandem long/high/with-without cooler etc. 10 skins

2) Tandem short, all versions. 10 skins.

3) Midaxle 10 skins.

4) Semi Tandems with Tyllis dolly, all versions. 10 skins.

5) Semi Jumbo Tandem with Tyllis dolly, all versions. 10 skins.

If you will use also one of my Truck skin addon, then you will find always 1 Box & Tandem combo. 

The Volvo and the Scania don´t have Truck skins, only uni colors.

But i painted them with the original colors from the companies.

Of course again to Kast, , RJL,  and Pendragon. 
....... and Mike70. He helped me, I helped him. 

Download links:
Ekeri RJL Box skins: Link 1
Ekeri Volvo Box skins: Link 2
Ekeri Tandems, all versions: Link 3

Screens / Videos
Rudis Skin Mix for Ets2 Rudis Skin Mix for Ets2 Rudis Skin Mix for Ets2

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