Europe Mega Pack v1.51 by Todor Alin

Europe Mega Pack v1.51 by Todor Alin
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30 January 2018
Version - 1.30.x
Credits: - Todor Alin
Description about Europe Mega Pack v1.51 by Todor Alin:

Europe Mega Pack v1.51 for Ets2 1.30.x game version

*Now you can have in one package all my modification to traffic I make for Ets2 (1.30)

New Version 1.51
Corrected (hope) bad traffic flow (only one way at some times)...
Truck traffic is more dense at night and tend to be on first lane (when possible)


-Added collectors to small road gas station.
-Added parking ai to some prefab's border.

This pack contains:
- Background Europe map (credit to Mahad110)
- animated passengers for default SCS trucks and buses
- parking bus
- rest place
- Etna landmark
- some improved gas station
- tractors
- new garbage truck and 2 firefighters
- harley police (normal and on duty) available in all countryes
- custom traffic system

Note about traffic system:
I was unable to obtain a decent traffic for city, so, I changed the traffic system.

Now, city traffic is better.

The weak point is that I was forced to allow city_truck to exit city (outside have a low spawn probability)

and tractors to enter city or higways (again with low spawn probability).

If I'll find another way to obtain a good city traffic, I'll change this.

Patch to remove harley police*Must have highest priority!
Download patch to remove harley police

Europe Mega Pack v1.51 by Todor Alin

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