Real Eaton Fuller Transmissions v1.2.0 [1.30.x]

Real Eaton Fuller Transmissions v1.2.0 [1.30.x]
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22 January 2018
Version - 1.30.x
Credits: - LoaderSaints
Description about Real Eaton Fuller Transmissions v1.2.0 [1.30.x]:

Real Eaton Fuller Transmissions v1.2.0 for Ets2 1.30.x game version

This mod adds 248 Eaton Fuller transmissions in total with real specifications into the game.
This includes both manual and automatic transmissions. 
More transmissions can be added by request. 
Feel free to leave feedback and suggestions!

This mod include:
- 25 different Eaton Fuller real life transmission models
- each transmissions is available with and without retarder
- each transmission has 3 to 5 different differential ratios available
*Full list of transmissions available is included in the mod manager description of the mod.

Supported trucks:
-DAF XF 105
-DAF XF 105 by 50keda
-DAF XF 106 (Euro 6)
-Iveco Stralis Hi-Way
-Iveco Stralis
-MAN TGA by MADster
-MAN TGS by MADster
-MAN TGS Euro 6 by MADster
-MAN TGX 2010 by XBS
-MAN TGX Euro 6 by MADster
-Mercedes-Benz Actros
-Mercedes-Benz Actros MPIV
-Mercedes-Benz Actros MPIV (Big Stars) by WTD
-Mercedes-Benz Arocs (Big Stars) by WTD
-Mercedes-Benz Antos 2012 by D3S
-Renault Magnum
-Renault Premium
-Scania 143m by Ekualizer
-Scania R
-Scania R 2016
-Scania 4-series addon by RJL
-Scania R & Streamline Modifications by RJL
-Scania S 2016
-Scania Streamline
-Scania T by RJL
-SISU R500 by RJL
-Volvo FH Classic by Peerke145
-Volvo FH16 Classic
-Volvo FH16 2012
-Volvo FH16 2013 by ohaha
-Volvo FH Classic by ohaha

From v1.1 to v1.2:
-Added support for MAN TGS Euro 6 by MADster
-Added support for MAN TGX 2010 by XBS
-Added support for Scania R and S 2016
-Added support for Volvo FH Classic by Peerke145
-Renamed the first two gears on all 18-speed UltraShift transmissions
-Renamed the gears on all RTLO-series 13-speed transmissions
-Added crawler gears (UI)
-Added Eaton Integrated Powertrain 10-speed Direct Drive
-Added Eaton Integrated Powertrain 10-speed Small-Step Overdrive
-Updated UI icons
-Changed the naming convention of the transmission names displayed in the Truck Configurator

(Overall ratio is now displayed at the end of the name instead of differential ratio)

From v1.0 to v1.1:
-Added 4.11 differential ratio for all the 18-speed transmissions
-Added 3.36 differential ratio for all the 13-speed and 18-speed transmissions
-Renamed gears on all UltraShift transmissions
-Updated UI icons

Version 1.0:
Initial release

Tested in Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.30.x but the mod should work with any version.

LoaderSaints (Author)
rookie_one (Eaton Integrated Powertrain)
Eaton Corporation Plc (Transmission specifications)
Mbman212 (Testing & help)
KubaJAM (Testing)

This includes uploading any parts of the mod to a file hosting service, 

uploading of edited material to a file hosting service and posting it on mod forums.
You may however edit the mod for personal use and for personal use only!
If you want to include the mod or parts of it in your mod then ask the author(s) 

for a permission before doing so and remember to give credit!

Real Eaton Fuller Transmissions v1.2.0 [1.30.x] Real Eaton Fuller Transmissions v1.2.0 [1.30.x] Real Eaton Fuller Transmissions v1.2.0 [1.30.x]

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