Truck Tables by Racing for Ets2

Truck Tables by Racing for Ets2
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20 January 2018
Version - 1.30.x
Credits: - Racing, SCS Software
Description about Truck Tables by Racing for Ets2:

Truck Tables by Racing for Ets2 1.30.x game version

- This mod contains truck tables for Daf XF 105, Daf XF Euro6, Iveco Hiway,

Man TGX, Renault Magnum, Scania R & Streamline,
Scania S & R, Volvo FH 2012
- Mod also support Scania RJL, MAN by Madster and Volvo FH 2012 by Ohaha.

To work for other modding trucks, just add correct definitions
- Table for Iveco Hiway work only with interior from my mod Iveco Stralis XP & NP by Racing.

Original model don't have "set_dashbrd" node.
- If you want to change color of leather or carpet material, you can choose texture

from /vehicle/truck/upgrade/interior_set/share/textures
rename it, and use it instead of original file. You can also prepare your own texture.

*Required cabin accessories dlc

Available table configurations in actual mod version:
-Daf XF 105: short and long table
-Daf XF Euro6: short and long table
-Iveco Stralis Hiway: short table
-Man TGX: short and long table
-Renault Magnum: short and long table
-Scania R & Streamline: short, long and high (with drawer) table
-Scania S & R (2016): short table
-Volvo FH 2012: long/high (with drawer) table

In next versions of this mod i will add tables for rest of the trucks,

but i don't plan to add every variant to every truck.

Mod was tested on Ets2 1.30.x  x64 with DirectX

Truck Tables by Racing for Ets2 Truck Tables by Racing for Ets2 Truck Tables by Racing for Ets2

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