Addon for Kriechbaum V8 v10 Sound by Ro0llo (1.27.x)

Addon for Kriechbaum V8 v10 Sound by Ro0llo (1.27.x)
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15 July 2017
Version - 1.27.x
Credits: - Ro0llo
Description about Addon for Kriechbaum V8 v10 Sound by Ro0llo (1.27.x):
Addon for Kriechbaum V8 v10 Sound by Ro0llo (1.27.x) for Ets2 game
Note from the Author:
Hi all,
I made some small changes to the definition files of Kriechbaums
great Scania V8 version 10 sound with turbo air sound
What I changed (nothing spectacular but ok..)
-Higher volume of the deep low rev sound.
-Removed 3 sounds sounds at lower RPM's so the sound focusses
more around the great deep V8 sound Kriechbaum made.
How to use?
1. Download Kriechbaums sound if you haven't already at his topic: Scania deep V8 sound v10.0 by Kriechbaum
3. Activate them both and make sure the addon downloaded in step 2 is higher in priority
- I'm not the maker of the V8 mod of Kriechbaum, Kriechbaum is.
I have nothing to do with it and did not contribute to it in any way.
- This addon just modifies the volumes in the Kriechbaum V8 version 10 mod.
I have not recorded or added any samples. All the sounds you are hearing are made by Kriechbaum.
- You need the original mod from Kriechbaum for it to work. See "How to use"
- I have permission from Kriechbaum to upload it.
скачать dle 12.0
Addon for Kriechbaum V8 v10 Sound by Ro0llo (1.27.x)

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