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ProMods v1.60 for ETS 2

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Description: Mod ,,ProMods v1.60" for ETS 2. - This version of the ProMods pack converts the ProMods map from 1.8.25 to 1.9.
Content:     - 2 new French cities
        - 1 new Swedish city
        - Rebuild of Stockholm
        - Fixed all of the known bugs (Invisible walls of course as well
        - Several improvements all around the map

Cities: Kolding, Esbjerg (port), Aarhus, Aalborg, Hirsthals (port), Frederikshavn (port), Odense, København, Rødbyhavn (port), Gedser
Main Roads: E20, E45, E39, E47, E55, N11, Noticeable landmarks, Storebæltsbroen (TOLL), Lillebæltsbroen, Øresundbroen (TOLL and Swedish border), Budolfi Kirke (Aalborg), Vandtårn (Esbjerg).
Cities: Göteborg (port), Malmö, Jönköping, Linköping, Skövde (Volvo plant), Södertälje (Scania plant and demo centre), Stockholm (port), Kalmar, Karlstad.
Main Roads: E4, E6, E18, E20, E22, E45, Rv26, Rv35, Rv40, Rv44, Rv49, Rv50, Rv75, Noticeable landmarks, Ericsson Globe (Stockholm), Stockholm City Hall, Brahehus (E4), Turning Torso (Malmö, Lakes like Vättern, Vänern and Roxen, Öresundsbron (TOLL and Danish border), Svinesundsbron (TOLL and Norwegian border), Moose sounds in Swedish forests
Cities: Oslo (port), Hønefoss, Gardermoen (airport), Kristiansand (port), Bergen (port), Stavanger, Geilo, Odda.
Main Roads: E6, E16, E18, E39, Rv7, Rv13, Noticeable landmarks, Svinesundsbron (TOLL and Norwegian border), Gardermoen airport, Stordabrua, Varrodbrua
Cities: Turku (port), Helsinki.
Main Roads: vt1, vt3, kt50, kt51, E18, Kehä III, Noticeable landmarks, Kehä III/vt1 junction
Cities: Le Havre, Rouen, Caen, Cherbourg (port), Brest, Lorient, Nantes, Poitiers, Rennes, Angers, Le Mans.
Main Roads: A10, A11, A13, A81, A83, A84, N12, N13, N12, N24, N137, N164, N165, N175, D973, D348, Noticeable, landmarks, Le Mont Saint Michel, Airport Poitiers
Cities: Flensburg, Burg auf Fehmarn (port), Port added to Rostock, Improvements on Hamburg
Main Roads (Extended SCS roads): A1, A7, A20, Noticeable landmarks, Elbtunnel
Cities: Croydon, Portsmouth (port), Improved junctions, M2/M25, M2/A2, Noticeable landmarks, Spinnaker Tower (Portsmouth), Added Studs to roads (ongoing process)
Holland: Improved areas, Amsterdam, Rotterdam
Important: Our mod is mainly designed for the 1.9 patch. If it works on other patches can be found here:
The mod is 100% compatible with the DLC. Other mods are often not compatible with this mod. Ask the developers of these mods for more details.
It should not be necessary to start a new profile, existing SCS profiles will automatically get updated, your current mission interrupted and your truck moved back to its home garage.

Compatible ETS 2 versions:
Our mod has been tested on v1.9 and should work with the coming versions. IT WON'T WORK WITH ANY OLDER VERSIONS!

ATTENTION: The 1.9 patch changed alot in the game which could result in unexpected behaviour in our mod. We can never test the complete map perfectly so please
       report bugs on our forum so we can fix those in a 1.70 release.

Authors: Kutchek, Mandelsoft, ScuL81, Nico, Claus Vendelboe Holmberg, Søren H. Nicolaisen, Frank Sørensen, Lars Møllebjerg, Andu, Birsu Fanel, Hotaru Customs, Tete_sniper, stefag40, CorsicaTruck
Installation: Copy the files from the archive into the folder My Documents \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ mod \




ProMods v1.60 for ETS 2ProMods v1.60 for ETS 2

ProMods v1.60 for ETS 2ProMods v1.60 for ETS 2

ProMods v1.60 for ETS 2ProMods v1.60 for ETS 2

ProMods v1.60 for ETS 2ProMods v1.60 for ETS 2

ProMods v1.60 for ETS 2ProMods v1.60 for ETS 2



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