Romania Extended Map v1.3 EV by Arayas

Romania Extended Map v1.3 EV by Arayas
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19 April 2018
Version - 1.30.x
Credits: - Arayas
Description about Romania Extended Map v1.3 EV by Arayas:
ROMANIA EXTENDED MAP v.1.3.EV (Enhanced Version) for Ets2 1.30.x game version

New Log 1.3.EV 
-this version ends the discussion about map quality or beauty. It's not a "maded in 35 days" map anymore.
-vegetation changed 100%, only Hi-Res trees near road and specific for romanian climate.
-reworked every road and every city
-added tones of new materials, hills, buildings, dummy roads for traffic flow, landmarks.
-totally new look even for ones who use this map in regular basis.
-other improvements, i dont want to spoil the experience.
-all add-ons removed (map colours, truck and car colours, lights, traffic files)
*ALL DLC needed, no new profile.

-Alin Todor for romanian vehicle files and support
-Jazzycat for some romanian car models
-FLD for map materials
-Rusmap for adboard files.

The map works with vanilla map or in combination with other maps:
TSM, RusMap, Steppe, ROS, SR, Great Poland, North Map, MHAPro or non-european maps.
Not Eastern Expres and Promods compatible.

Due to amount of changes and modification please report any missplacemet.

Tested on game version 1.30.x

The map comes in two versions MAIN MAP (normal PC) and MIDDLE PC MAP (middle-end PC).
The instruction for map installation are in the package.
If you use this in a combo there is no reason not to work as before.

Respect my work and distribute only with my link!

Screens / Videos
Romania Extended Map v1.3 EV by Arayas Romania Extended Map v1.3 EV by Arayas Romania Extended Map v1.3 EV by Arayas
Gameplay video:

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