North Map v1.4 for Ets2

North Map v1.4 for Ets2
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12 April 2018
Version - 1.30.x
Credits: - Zaregon
Description about North Map v1.4 for Ets2:

North Map v1.4 for Ets2 1.30.x game version

Tested with ets2 patch 1.30/DLC Italia

Required DLC:

New Innovations:
New section E6 and E39
New city: Trondheim

Bugs fixed:
--- „[prefab desc] Converting prefab descriptor '/prefab/parking/trucks_parking_fkssm.ppd' version

21 to current version (22)“ - the ppd. File now has the correct version
--- „<ERROR> Unable to find 'Model' '1111' for 0x23E35AB817800001, <ERROR> Missing model definition!

(item: 0x23E35AB817800001)“ - the model (car) that caused the 
errors has been removed
--- „<ERROR> Unable to register instance cluster(s) for item ...“ - all „Bezier Patch“ that caused the error would edited
--- the templates that collided with other maps would be edited and renamed

In addition, I made many minor repairs and added a few new details.

FKSSM ( trucks_parking )
Bluetruck (models)

It is not allowed to publish this mod (or parts of it) as your own.

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North Map v1.4 for Ets2

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