Italy addon Fix v1.0.1

Italy addon Fix v1.0.1
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21 January 2014
Credits: - M95
Description about Italy addon Fix v1.0.1:

What I should know first
This modpack contains 2 new cities and a few new roads in italy. More information could be found in the manual. Please give the terms and conditions a bit of time (it is not long, but very inportant). Any bugs can be reported here.

Reposting is strictly forbidden, promoting is allowed but read carefully how to do that in the manual and what the consequenses of illegal reposting can be.

What's in this pack
This pack contains two new cities
-Modena (including a small regional road network).

This pack contains two new roads
-A22 Verona-Modena (autostrada del Brennero)
-A1 Milano-Modena (Autostrada del Sole)

This mod is compatible with the promods pack , not with TSM. (Please report any issues when using with Promods).
The mod is even compatible with the new reisprojekt map (only thing you'll need to do is add four z's before the name of the scs file to make the file order correct!!)
It is also compatible with the holland mod made by me (search forum for it, when using reisprojekt, please use this link: //

Important for the 1.9 update:
when the 1.9 version is out wait for a update of the prefabs (this and another mods using this pack probably won't work anymore due to the new AI code). When using Steam, please turn off auto update until the mods are updated so that conlict will not appear.

I want to download it
Please only use this link, this is the original one. You will only get support at this forum:
(ProMods users, download the promods fix instead of the main file, the main file will not work!!))
Main link:
- (

Alternative links
- (zippyshare)
- (zippyshare - FIX FOR PROMODS USERS)

Old versions:
- (
1.0.1 FIX

This link should not be reposted ANYWHERE!! The mod base is required.
- (zippyshare)

Adblocker should be turned off temporarely, a yellow button will appear at the right top corner (skip). Click it and you'll go to the download page.

If none of the links is working, please pm.

Map updates
The map will be updated again. For the next update I plan to do some work in Austria at innsbruck before I'll go back to Italy again. In Italy I'm giong to build the A14 to Pescara/ the A4/A23 to Udine (A10,A2 Salzburg, Villach, Grenze) and the A15/ A12 to La Spezia and to Pisa - Livorno, the FI-PI-LI will also be in the game if there's enough space.
I don't know what parts will be released in what order but this is my wishlist so far and it's ready when it's ready.



Italy addon Fix v1.0.1

Italy addon Fix v1.0.1

Italy addon Fix v1.0.1


Screens / Videos
Italy addon Fix v1.0.1

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