Mod CS:GO Multi 1v1 Arena for CS:GO

Mod CS:GO Multi 1v1 Arena for CS:GO
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15 May 2016
Version - CS:GO
Credits: - splewis

Description about Mod CS:GO Multi 1v1 Arena for CS:GO:

This plugin sets up 2+ players in separate 1v1 arenas, when all the arenas are done fighting, the winners move up an arena and the losers move down an arena.

CS: GO Multi 1v1 Arena - events whose meaning is to play 1 vs 1, each player is assigned his number Arena, for example up to 10 people play a server, create 5 arenas respawn when the player is invited to choose the preferred rifles and grenades. Depending on the choice of the player and his skill selected opponents, after the murder at one stage the player expects the result of other arenas, if during the N time though at one stage left, both live players, a new round begins.


For each kill you are awarded skill points, their number depends on the skill of your opponent. When you first start you are given 1500 points. Plugin stores all statistics in the mysql database and works exclusively with it, as there is a complete web interface.

Maps can be used am_ or mg_ since a large space is not necessary for the game.


Requirements: Sourcemod 1.7 and above.

Useful links:


A small story before:

A few days ago found the events to alliedmods forum and why is it ignored, but the next day I just happened to find on labels DM server with the mod and decided to play and I really liked it, I went back to a topic to study it.


Mod CS:GO Multi 1v1 Arena for CS:GO Mod CS:GO Multi 1v1 Arena for CS:GO

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