Snowy Cottage Map v1.1 for CS:GO

Snowy Cottage Map v1.1 for CS:GO
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29 December 2016
Version - CS:GO
Credits: - Azet
Description about Snowy Cottage Map v1.1 for CS:GO:

Snowy Cottage Map v1.1 for CS:GO game.


Map is primarily made for deathmatch mode, so before running it, type the following commands in console:

  • game_type 1
  • game_mode 2
  • map dm_snowy_cottage

Map is also compatible with fight yard mode (fy) and arms race. To run map in arms race mode type:

  • game_type 1
  • game_mode 0
  • map dm_snowy_cottage

Map contains custom models for terrorists and counter-terrorists. If you don't copy the models folder, then CT's model won't animate, although it's packed into .bsp file. If there's still problem with that model, try this version of map which contains new standard models of SAS (map version 1.0):


Minor bugfixes (version 1.1)

скачать dle 12.0
Snowy Cottage Map v1.1 for CS:GO Snowy Cottage Map v1.1 for CS:GO Snowy Cottage Map v1.1 for CS:GO

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