de_amalia Map v1.0 for CS:GO

de_amalia Map v1.0 for CS:GO
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16 November 2016
Version - CS:GO
Credits: - Serialmapper
Description about de_amalia Map v1.0 for CS:GO:

de_amalia Map v1.0 for CS:GO game.


story: Do you want a story about the map? here is one:

The freakin' terrorists hate the crates so much that they want to blast them all, on the other hand, the counter-terrorist love them so much that they are ready to die defending them. That's all folks! ;)

Okay, this is a defuse map (it's obvious anyway), featuring 44 spawn points and two bomb sites.The map contains mostly cbble and new inferno assets and some custom textures of mine.It has radar view, nav and kv file. However i didn't want to edit the nav file simply because the game producers do not allow custom names in a nav file and their place name list does not quite fit with what i want.

Like all of my maps, this one too was thoroughly tested with real players on a public server ( and on mapcore's server. Until the final release the map had 5 beta versions and two release candidates.

Special thanks to Wicked for supporting me with the testing and the guys from Astramania community and also some of the mapcore guys who provided me feedback!



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de_amalia Map v1.0 for CS:GO de_amalia Map v1.0 for CS:GO de_amalia Map v1.0 for CS:GO

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