De_Rust Map for CS:GO

De_Rust Map for CS:GO
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22 June 2016
Version - CS:GO
Credits: - Pajamas
Description about De_Rust Map for CS:GO:

De_Rust Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game. This is a Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive submitted by Pajamas.

This is my competetive map. Last thing what i need to do is minimap. But i have problems with it :) When you find bug please tell me about it :)



  • Download and install WinRAR
  • Download and extract de_rust_3.rar It should download to folder Downloads. Open de_rust_3.rar in WinRAR and choose "Extract To" and then "OK" to extract it to folder Downloads.
  • Find extracted folder de_rust_3 It should be in folder Downloads
  • In a separate window, find folder csgo It's probably here: Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo
  • Move the following file:
    Extracted File   Destination Folder
    de_rust.bsp   maps\de_rust.bsp




De_Rust Map for CS:GO De_Rust Map for CS:GO De_Rust Map for CS:GO

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