de_pinch beta Map for CS:GO

de_pinch beta Map for CS:GO
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28 July 2015
Version - CS:GO
Credits: - Squeezit
Description about de_pinch beta Map for CS:GO:

I haven't worked on this one in a while so i'm publicly releasing its beta version for those interested in it. I hate it personally but maybe you'll enjoy it...?


An older map of mine, PINCH [Pressurized Industrial Nuclear Chemical Housing] is an illegally established facility in the outer boroughs of Chicago involving the practice of high-toxicity material trading and selling. A nearby strip of residential apartments reported high levels of unusual fumes coming in contact with their area, and has hospitalized 3 residents. Hazmat and police officials were inquired to investigate the location and desist any illegal substances on sight. PINCH's personal militia set in with a full arsenal which granted the police officials a shoot-to-kill excavation. The militia is intending to destroy one of two main containment hubs of toxic materials to obliterate the possible evidence of trades. This however will pollute a vast amount of atmosphere around the location and may be fatal to nearby suburbs and civilized areas.

Counter Terrorists: Prevent the terrorists from planting the bomb in either the established containment or the under-construction one.

Terrorists: Destroy toxic tracings within either material containment buildings, conveniently next to one another. Prevent CT's from defusing the IED.


There is also a hidden Kilroy somewhere which is an homage to will2k for his amazing mapping tutorials and articles ;)

de_pinch beta Map for CS:GO de_pinch beta Map for CS:GO de_pinch beta Map for CS:GO

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