Freightliner FLB + Interior v2.0.2 Edit by Harven (1.31.x)

Description about Freightliner FLB + Interior v2.0.2 Edit by Harven (1.31.x):
Freightliner FLB + Interior v2.0.2 Edit by Harven for Ats 1.31.x game version

New version 2.0.2 :
- Added support for trailer cables 
- Adapted to version 1.31.x

- Standalone 
- Buying at Kenworth truck dealerships 
- Registered in agency orders and gallery 
- The converted cab model to bolo more like a real FLB truck 
- All low rivet booths with a normal texture 
- Added skins from the authors of Lucasi and Pauly to match minor changes in the template 
- The new headlamps, grille, bumper 
- Reworked two chrome bumper 
- Added colored version of the front mirror 
- Added cab suspension 
- Removed the old exhaust pipes 
- Added 3 new exhaust pipe as a separate accessory (two and them with a large number of slots for the light) 
- Added 2 versions taillights 
- Add air intakes
- Added more details in the engine compartment - engine and transmission model 
- Engine changes color when switching between different manufacturers (Cummins with - red, CAT - yellow, Detroit - green) 
- Added a painted version of all chromed sun visors 
- Added light slots for all Sun visors, except the smallest 
- Added a slot light on the spoilers 
- Added more light to the low cabin slots (addon accessory) 
- Added skins frame chassis, suspension and drive shaft + bridges 
- Chromed processed patra exhaust hoods 
- Fixed separation grid on many models 
- Added license plate Washington (custom license plates will be removed in the future)
- Added warning flags to the bumper 
- Added a plate "transportation of oversized" for all bumpers 
- Replaced janitor's fasteners for more realistic 
- Freshly baked AO textures on many models 
- Fixed some toys (accessories) 
- Reduced blinking indicators (delay) - Reduced number of pre-installed colors 
- Added mudguard skins 
- Other minor fixes ... 
- Fix the positions of the driver's and passenger's tablets (when seen from the outside) 
- Fixed light beams of small white lights

Updated under patch 1.31.x
Screens / Videos
Freightliner FLB + Interior v2.0.2 Edit by Harven (1.31.x) Freightliner FLB + Interior v2.0.2 Edit by Harven (1.31.x) Freightliner FLB + Interior v2.0.2 Edit by Harven (1.31.x)
Gameplay video:

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